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What’s New?
2022/04/18 Posted links to the special websites for the annual conference [NEW]
2022/01/20 Renewed the page “Become a member” [NEW]
2022/01/20 2021-2022 Contest Schedule
2022/01/05 Link to District 76 Pathways Q & A (written in Japanese)
2021/12/14 Updated Pathways guidance and project Matrix
2021/12/02 Link to 2021-2022 Speech Contest special page
2021/11/18 Link to 2021-2022 TLI special page
2021/09/30 2022 Annual Conference schedule
2021/09/30 District Procedure
2021/09/30 Club Energizing Program 2021-2022
2021/08/14 [Online Event] The Reality of Japanese Language Learners by D76 Global Liaison Team [The event has ended]
2021/07/17 2021-2022 Club Officers Training (COT#1)
2021/07/14 Executive Officers 2021-2022
2021/06/06 2021 District Contest Results
2021/05/10 2021 District Annual Conference
2021/04/10 District Officer Election Special Page Launched (closed on 2021/5/17)
2020/11/01 Japan Toastmasters’ Head Features in NHK’s Contemporary Business English Magazine
2020/11/01 Update Pathways information including commentary Japanese video 
2020/07/12 2020-2021 Organization
2020/06/07 COT#1 Schedule 
2020/05/18 2020 D76Online Distrcit Contest 
2020/05/16 Results of District 76 Elections 2020-2021 
2020/04/30 Special Page for District 76 Officer Election 
2020/03/06 Announcement of cancellation of 2020 District 76 Annual Conference
2020/03/06 Decision Regarding Kyoto Conference and Online Contest Guidelines 

2020/02/28 Announce and requests for coronavirus and infectious disease control 

2019/06/23 Annual Conference Report: 2019 International Speech Contest
2019/06/17 Annual Conference Report: Workshop ”Magic of the Mind” / The Gateway to Confidence
2019/05/17 Kofu Toastmasters present: “Global Leaders and Speech Workshop”
2019/05/13 Results of the District 76 Club Website PR Contest
2019/03/23 Announced Nominated Candidates for 2019-2020 District Elections
2019/03/21 Article on Toastmasters is published on Japan Today
2019/03/01 Annual Conference – The Largest Toastmasters Event in Japan – to be held on May 10-12 Registration started today. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join!
2019/01/01 2019 New Year’s Greetings from District Director
2018/12/25 Press release: A Kofu Toastmasters’ special event — The Kofu Global Citizen Forum: “Let’s enjoy becoming a global leader!” — was shortlisted for the 500th Anniversary of the Establishment of Kofu, 3rd recruitment of the project by Kofu
2018/12/22 Tokyo Mita Toastmasters Club 40th Anniversary
2018/11/17 Five English and bilingual Clubs in Shikoku area held a joint meeting
2018/11/13 Overnight joint meeting organized by Ageo Toastmasters Club
2018/11/4 Call for the next District 76 Officer Nominations
2018/11/1 Kofu Toastmasters Club 1st demo meeting held successfully
2018/10/31 Press release: Corporate managers gather at Ginza to talk about how to build leadership skills through Toastmasters (November 16)
2018/10/28 Advertisement on Wedge November issue
2018/10/18 Sunrise Toastmasters Club releases a promotional video
2018/10/16 Saijo Sake Toastmasters Club welcomed 22 guests at TM Kimochi’s English RAKUGO Night
2018/10/05 Uploaded DCM#1 minutes and presentation material
2018/10/05 Stories of Toastmasters activities are covered by Tokyo American Club’s monthly member magazine 
2018/10/04 Ginza Toastmasters Club to be officially chartered 
2018/10/03 We released the free image page for Club activities. Please feel free to use the images for your Club websites, flyers etc.
2018/10/02 Press release “The Beginning of Yamanashi Prefecture’s First Toastmasters Club Establishment Activity”
2018/09/21 Press release “Pioneer Toastmasters Club holds workshop by Naoki Tamura, one of the world’s top 20 public speakers”
2018/08/01 Support of prospective clubs “Ibaraki Toastmasters Club”
2018/07/28 Posts from Clubs “Charter of Amazon Japan Toastmasters Club”
2018/07/26 Press release “Toastmasters Club to be Established by Graduates of BBT Graduate School and Bond University MBA Program, etc.”
2018/07/04 Updated the organization chart for the new term 2018-2019
2018/07/01 Updated the list of all clubs. Please let webmaster know if there are any corrections!
2018/06/27 Released District 76 Newsletter May & June 2018
2018/05/16 Added PDF ver. of List of all clubs
2018/04/28 Released District 76 Newsletter April 2018
2018/03/13 Nominated Candidates for 2018-2019 District Elections
2018/02/27 Launched 2018 Conference Website!
2018/02/27 Released District 76 Newsletter February 2018
2018/02/12 Call for Division I Director
2018/01/31 Released District 76 Newsletter January 2018
2018/01/21 The rollout date of Pathways has been set on April 24, 2018
2018/01/06 Advertisement on CNN English Express February edition
2018/01/01 Published 2018 New Year’s Greetings from District Director Kitamura


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