Mentoring Programs

Welcome to the District 76 Mentoring page!

The Toastmasters Mentoring Program pairs an experienced member (mentor) with an inexperienced one (protégé) to effectively teach the protégé how to conduct club meetings and their roles in them.
The mentor will also share information about Toastmasters’ organization, which expands its presence in about 150 countries worldwide, and its core values.

The program is a valuable activity of Toastmasters, which has sustained almost 100 years.
It is a supreme guidepost of mutual support and growth, which helps to increase member satisfaction, membership growth, and club revitalization, thereby creating a win-win-win relationship.

Mentors encourage protégés in their efforts to achieve their goals and effectively guide them to realize them.
While protégés develop their skills and acquire essential competencies to achieve their goals, mentors themselves will have the opportunity to share their experience, wisdom, and knowledge they already gained through their activities.
It is a rewarding experience for both parties and allows for mutual growth. Then next, protégés will act as effective mentors passing on what they have learned to less experienced members from generation to generation.
It is a beautiful program unique to Toastmasters.

The program fits perfectly with Toastmasters’ goal of “developing leadership through activities.”
You can use what you learn through mentoring in your career and social life.

Since Toastmasters emphasizes mentoring activities to help members grow and make great strides, we have a particular program called the “Pathways Mentor Program,” where you can earn a certificate as a “Mentor.”

Why not learn about the mentoring program and take a giant leap forward together?