List of All Toastmasters Clubs in Japan

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MAIN VENUELanguageSchedule 1Schedule 2DIVAREA
HokkaidoSapporo PioneersLINKSapporo1. ZOOM
2. Sapporo L・PLAZA
En2nd & 4th Wed 19:00DD45
AomoriMisawaLINKMisawaMisawa Air BaseEnEvery Thu 17:30AA11
AkitaAkita Borderless SpeakersLINKAkita(Online for the time being)ZOOMEn/Ja2 times per month Thu 19:00AA11
MiyagiSendaiLINKSendaiSendai Pal CityEnEvery Wed 18:40AA11
MiyagiSendai Dynamic SpeakersLINK1. Online
2. Sendai
2. Sendai Lifetime Learning Promotion Center
En/Ja2 times per month Tue 19:10AA11
MiyagiSendai Lunch SpeakersLINKOnlineZOOMEn/Ja3 times per month Thu 12:05AA12
MiyagiMorinomiyakoLINKSendaiAoba-ku Chuo Shimin CenterEn/JaEvery Sat 18:00AA12
MiyagiMasamuneLINKInternational CenterSendai International CenterJa2 times per month Mon 19:10AA12
FukushimaKoriyamaLINKKoriyamaKoriyama Big EyeJa1st & 3rd Sun 14:00AA12
IbarakiTsukubaLINKTX TsukubaOnogawa Community CenterEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00DD41
IbarakiTsukuba WagoLINKTX TsukubaOnogawa Community CenterJa1st & 3rd Sat 17:00DD41
IbarakiTsukuba StarlightLINKTX TsukubaAzuma Community CenterEn1st & 3rd Wed 19:00DD41
IbarakiMitoLINKMitoGoken Shimin CenterCh/En/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 9:00DD41
TochigiAshikagaLINKAshikagaAshikaga Lifelong-Learning CenterEn3rd Sat 15:00AA13
TochigiUtsunomiyaLINKUtsunomiyaUtsunomiya MachipiaEn/Ja1st Sun 13:30AA13
GunmaGunmaLINKTakasakiTakasaki Central Community CenterEn2nd & 4th Sat 10:00AA13
SaitamaKonosuLINKKonosuKonosu Shimin Katsudo CenterEn2nd & 4th Sat 10:00AA13/P
SaitamaSakitamaLINKFukiageGyoda MiraiEn2nd & 4th Sat 14:00AA14
SaitamaTsurugashimaLINKTsurugashimaTsurugashima South Community CenterEn1st & 3rd Tue 19:00AA14
SaitamaOmiyaLINKOmiyaSHINO Omiya center PlazaEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 10:00AA14
SaitamaTokorozawaLINKTokorozawaTokorozawa Chuou KouminkanJa1st & 3rd Sun 14:00AA14
SaitamaSaitamaLINKUrawaUrawa Community CenterEn1st & 3rd Wed 19:00AA15
SaitamaUrawaLINKUrawaUrawa Community CenterJa2nd & 4th Thu 19:30AA15
SaitamaMusashi-UrawaLINKMusashi UrawaMusashi-Urawa Community CenterEn2nd & 4th Wed 19:30AA15
ChibaNaritaLINKKozunomoriMorinpia KozuEn3rd Tue 19:00DD42
ChibaICF ChibaLINK1. Online
2. Funabashi
Funabashi Central Coummunity CenterEnEvery Sat 18:15DD42
ChibaIchikawaLINKIchikawaIchikawa i-Link RoomEn1st & 3rd Sat 9:30DD42
ChibaI Have a Dream (IHD)AdvancedTsudanumaTobu public hall (Funabashi city)En4th Fri 19:00DD42/P
ChibaInzaiLINK1.Chiba New Town Chuo Station1. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Kouryukan
2. Online
En/Ja2nd & 4th & 5th Sat 9:30DD42/P
ChibaKashiwaLINKOnlineZOOMEn2nd & 4th Sat 19:30DD42/P
ChibaMakuhari BaysideLINKKemigawahamaMihama Cultural HallEnTwice a month Sun 10:00DD43
ChibaTsudanumaLINKTsudanuma1. ZOOM
2. Funabashi East Community Center
En1st & 3rd Mon 19:00DD43
ChibaChiba CentralLINKChiba1. ZOOM
2. Chiba Lifelong Learning Center
En2nd & 4th Sat 12:30DD43
ChibaIBM MakuhariLINKKaihinmakuhariIBM Makuhari OfficeEn2nd & 4th Tue 19:00DD43
ChibaChiba RonpyoLINKChibaMeeting room near Chiba StationJa1st & 3rd Sat 14:00DD43/P
ChibaNarashino DiscussionLINKOnlineZOOMEn4th Sat 19:30DD43/P
ChibaMatsudoLINKMinoridaiMinoridai Community CenterEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:30DD44
ChibaGreen HillsLINKYachiyo-MidorigaokaMidorigaoka Community CenterEn2nd & 4th Tue 19:00DD44
ChibaIchikawa SmileLINKIchikawaIchikawa i-Link RoomJa2nd & 4th Sat 17:30DD44
TokyoAkabane BilingualLINKAkabaneAkabane KaikanEn/Ja1st,3rd & 5th Sat 10:00AA15
TokyoStorytellingLINKAdvancedTakadanobabaTotsuka Chiiki CenterEn/Ja1st Sat 13:303rd Thu 19:15AA16
TokyoHibikiLINKIkebukuroToshima Industrial Promotion PlazaEn2nd & 4th Tue 19:30AA16
TokyoTokyo Ni HaoLINKIkebukuroToshima Industrial Promotion PlazaCh/Ja1st & 3rd Sat 10:00AA16
TokyoShinjuku BilingualLINKShinjukuShinjukuEn/Ja1st & 3rd Thu 19:10AA16
TokyoFussa SpeakersLINKFussaYokota Air BaseEn1st Fri 11:45Ten days later, Mon 18:30BB21
TokyoSilk RoadLINKAkishimaAkishimaEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00BB21
TokyoWest Tokyo HamuraLINKHamuraHamura Lifelong Learning Center YutorogiEn1st & 3rd Sat 13:00BB22
TokyoEight PrincesLINKHachiojiHachioji Create HallEn1st & 3rd Fri 19:00BB22
TokyoTachikawaLINKTachikawaShibazaki GakushukanJa2nd,4th & 5th Sun 13:30BB22
TokyoFuchuLINKFuchu1. Fuchu-platz
2. Online
En/Ja1st & 3rd Sun 10:00BB22
TokyoMitaka BusinessLINKMitaka1. Musashino Place
2. BNI Mitaka Conference Room
Ja1st & 3rd Fri 19:30BB23
TokyoChofu Free FlightLINKChofuChofu Shimin Bunka KaikanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 14:00BB23
TokyoBNI MusashinoLINKMitakaBNI MitakaJa2nd & 4th Sat 8:00BB23
TokyoKichijojiLINKKichijojiMusashino KokaidoEn/Ja2nd,4th & 5th Sat 14:00BB23
TokyoBBT-BondLINKOnlineZOOMEn2nd & 4th Fri 19:00BB24
TokyoAoyama LunchLINKjinbochoGakushikaikanEn2nd Tue 12:00BB24
TokyoHTMCorporate/ConditionalHirooNot OpenEn1st & 3rd Thu 17:00BB24
TokyoCosmosLINKIidabashiTokyo Voluntary Action Center(Online for the time being)En1st & 3rd Sat 14:00BB25
TokyoSunriseLINKKorakuenBunkyo Civic CenterEn1st, 3rd & 5th Sat 18:05BB25
TokyoLeadershipLINKKorakuenBunkyo Kumin CenterEn2nd & 4th Sat 10:00BB25
TokyoTokyo HangulLINKKyobashiKyobashi Plaza Kuminkan etcJa/Ko4th Sat 18:15BB25
TokyoTokyo RainbowLINKShibuya, ShinjukugyoenmaeIn Shibuya Ward(Hybrid Meeting) & Shinjuku WardEn/Ja1st & 3rd Sat 18:00BB26
TokyoBonjourLINKIchigayaJICA Research InstituteFr2nd & 4th Thu 19:30BB26
TokyoKagurazakaLINKIidabashiTokyo Voluntary Action CenterJa2nd & 4th Fri 19:00BB26
TokyoIidabashiLINKIidabashiTokyo Voluntary Action CenterJa1st, 3rd & 5th Sat 18:00BB26
TokyoNakanoLINKNakanoNakano ZEROEn2nd & 4th Sat 18:30BB27
TokyoJUSCPALINKKudanshitaNishogakusha UniversityEn3rd Thu 18:00BB27
TokyoTokyo MetropolitanLINKKudanshitaKudan Lifelong Leaning HallEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 10:00BB27
TokyoTokyo RonpyouLINKAdvancedOnlineZOOMJa1st, 3rd Fri 20:00Every Sun 20:00BB27
TokyoMizuho DCorporate/ConditionalOtemachiMizuho FG OtemachiEn2nd & 4th Thu 18:30CC31
TokyoMizuho CCorporate/ConditionalUchisaiwaichoMizuho FG UchisaiwaichoEn1st & 3rd Wed 20:00CC31
TokyoChizaiLINKToranomonAIPPI JapanEn2nd & 4th Wed 19:00CC32
TokyoKeyForceLINKOnlineZOOMEn1st & 3rd Tue 20:00CC32
TokyoOmotesandoLINKOmotesandoTokyo Women’s PlazaEn2nd & 4th Mon 19:15CC32
TokyoFORWARDCorporate/ConditionalOmotesandoFORWARDEn2nd Sun 18:20CC32
TokyoFORWARD 1st SundayCorporate/ConditionalOmotesandoFORWARDEn1st Sun 17:40CC32
TokyoBloomberg TokyoCorporate/ConditionalOtemachiNot OpenEn/Ja1st & 3rd Thu 12:30CC33
TokyoSMBC NikkoCorporate/ConditionalMarunouchiSMBC Nikko SecurityEn1st Thu 18:303rd Tue 18:30CC33
TokyoTokyo MidtownLINKRoppongiTokyo Midtown TowerEn1st Thu 12:003rd Thu 18:30CC33
TokyoLa VoceLINKOmotesandoMainly Online (Aoyama Lifelong Learnig Hall)It/En/Ja1st, 3rd Sat 9:00CC34
TokyoMinami AoyamaLINKOmotesandoAoyama Lifelong Learnig HallEn2nd & 4th Wed 19:00CC34
TokyoMinami Aoyama BusinessLINKOmotesandoAoyama Lifelong Learnig HallEn1st & 3rd Sat 10:00CC34
TokyoPioneerLINKOmotesandoAoyama Lifelong Learnig HallEn/Ja2nd & 4th Fri 19:00CC34
TokyoOmotesando BilingualLINKOmotesandoAoyama Lifelong Learnig HallEn/Ja1st, 3rd & 5th Sat 14:00CC34
TokyoTokyo American ClubLINKConditionalKamiyachoTokyo American ClubEn1st & 3rd Wed 12:00CC35
TokyoS.E.T.Corporate/ConditionalKamiyachoNot OpenEn2nd Wed 18:004th Wed 12:00CC35
TokyoGS JapanCorporate/ConditionalRoppongiNot OpenEn2nd Tue 12:004th Tue 18:30CC35
TokyoFCCJLINKHibiyaThe Foreign Correspondents' ClubEn2nd & 4th Mon 12:15CC35
TokyoTokyo BayLINKTamachiLibraEn2nd & 4th Wed 19:00CC35
TokyoGinzaLINKKyobashiKyobashi Plaza KuminkanEn4th Sun 19:00CC36
TokyoTokyoLINKHigashiginzaKonwa HallEn1st, 3rd & 5th Thu 19:00CC36
TokyoTokyo DebateLINKHigashiginzaGinza KuminkanEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00CC36
TokyoNihombashiLINKSuburbs of Tokyo StationPublic Hall or Rental conference room in Tokyou、zoomEn/Ja2nd & 4th Wed 19:00Irregularly at 6amCC36
TokyoBreakfastLINKHibiyaImperial Hotel TokyoEn2nd & 4th Thu 8:00CC36
2. Hybrid with Mita Iki Iki Plaza
En/Ja2nd Thu 19:30(Online)4th Thu 19:30(Online & Hybrid)CC37
TokyoAkihabaraLINKAkihabaraIzumibashi KuminkanJa1st, 3rd & 5th Wed 19:30DD44
TokyoMetlife JapanCorporate/ConditionalKinshichoOlinas TowerEn/Ja1st Wed 18:003rd Thu 18:00DD44
TokyoChiyodaLINKKandaChiyoda Sports CenterEn/Ja1st & 3rd Thu 19:00DD45
TokyoNihonbashi CenturyLINKSuitengumaeNingyocho KuminkanEn/Ja2nd, 4th & 5th Thu 19:00DD45
TokyoOne AstellasCorporate/ConditionalMitsukoshi maeNot OpenEn1st, 3rd & 5th Mon 18:30DD45
TokyoOvalLINKOnlineZOOMEn1st, 3rd Wed 19:30DD46
TokyoShimbashiLINKShinbashiLifelong Learning Center BalloonJa2nd & 4th Tue 19:00DD46
TokyoPresentationLINKAdvancedShinbashiLifelong Learning Center BalloonEn/Ja1st & 3rd Thu 19:30DD46
TokyoNew BridgeLINKShinbashiLifelong Learning Center BalloonEn/Ja1st & 3rd Tue 19:00DD46
TokyoMachida BilingualLINKMachidaMachida City Lifelong Learning CenterEn/Ja2nd Fri 19:004th Sat 14:30EE53
TokyoOtemachiLINKOtemachiENEOS Bldg.En2nd & 4th Wed 19:00II91
TokyoEDOLINKShibuyaShibuya Kinro Fukushi KaikanJa1st, 3rd & 5th Tue 19:00II91
TokyoUTAGELINKAdvancedShibuyaMeeting room or Restaurant in ShibuyaEn/Ja2nd Wed 19:00II91
TokyoShibuyaLINKShibuyaShibuya Cultural Center OwadaEn1st & 3rd Wed 19:05II91
TokyoTokyo FreedomLINKHatagayaMiki's CaféEn1st & 3rd Sat 19:00II91
TokyoFantasistaLINKAdvanced1. Shibuya
2. Online
1. Shibuyaku Kinro Fukushi Kaikan
2. Online (ZOOM etc.) for the time being
En/Ja3rd Sat 13:30II92
TokyoShimazuyamaLINKGotandaHouse ShimazuyamaJa1st & 3rd Thu 19:30II92
TokyoMeguroLINKMeguroDendo Jyuku Center Mita BunshitsuEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 18:15II92
TokyoAmazon JapanCorporateMeguroNot OpenEn1st Tue 12:003rd Tue 19:00II92
TokyoYamanoteLINKNakameguroNakameguro SquareEn/Ja3rd Fri 19:30II92
TokyoBig TreeLINKCorporate/ConditionalShinagawaHitachi, Ltd. Shinagawa OfficeEn/Ja2nd & 4th Wed 19:00II93
TokyoTokyo InternationalLINKOimachiCurianEn/Ja2nd,4th & 5th Wed 19:00II93
TokyoTokyo BilingualLINKJiyugaokaMidorigaoka Bunka KaikanEn/Ja1st & 3rd Wed 19:00II93
TokyoTokyo ESSLINK1. Online
2. Jiyugaoka
Not OpenEn2nd & 4th Sun 13:00II93
TokyoTokyo PhoenixLINKAdvancedMita1. ZOOM
2. Mita Iki Iki Plaza(hybrid)
En1nd & 3rd Fri 19:30II95
TokyoSakurazakaLINKTamagawaDenenchofu Seseragi KanJa1st & 3rd Sat 10:00II95
KanagawaKanagawaLINKYokohamaKanagawa Kenmin CenterJa2nd, 4th & 5th Sat 17:30EE51
KanagawaBashamichiLINKAdvancedSakuragi-choYokohama Youth(Sakura Living)En3rd Sun 14:00EE51
KanagawaYokohama Ni HaoLINKSakuragi-choSakura LivingCh1st & 3rd Sun 10:00EE51
KanagawaOne-WorldLINKSakuragi-cho, OnlineYokohama-Shi Syakai Hukushi CenterEn2nd Sun 10:004th Sun 21:00(OL)EE51
KanagawaMinato-MiraiLINKKannaiNaka Kumin Katsudo CenterEn2nd & 4th Sat 14:00EE52
KanagawaYokohamaLINKNihonodoriHatoba KaikanEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00EE52
KanagawaKANNAILINKKannaiNaka Kumin Katsudo CenterJa1st & 3rd Sat 18:00EE52
KanagawaYokohama OceanLINKKannaiYokohamashi Ginou BunkakaikanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sun 10:00EE52
KanagawaDen-en ToshiLINKMizonokuchi1. Techno Kawasaki
2. Takatsu City Hall
En2nd & 4th Sat 14:00EE53
KanagawaYokohama AobaLINKEdaEda Community HouseJa2nd Sat 10:00EE53
KanagawaYamato BilingualLINKSakuragaokaEishin-GakuenEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 14:00EE53
KanagawaYokohama FrontierLINKYokohamaKanagawa Kenmin CenterEn/Ja1st, 3rd & 5th Wed 19:15EE54
KanagawaYokosuka MikasaLINKShioiriYokosuka Sogo Fukushi Kaikan HallEn2nd & 4th Tue 18:45EE54
KanagawaKamakuraLINKHongodaiHongodai Earth PlazaEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00EE54
KanagawaHigh TouchLINKOnlineZOOMEn/Ja2nd Wed 19:004th Thu 19:00EE54
KanagawaAtsugi-ZamaLINKSagami-OnoUnicom PlazaEn1st, 3rd & 5th Sun 15:30EE55
KanagawaShonanLINKFujisawaFplace, FujisawaEn2nd & 4th Sat 14:00EE55
KanagawaFujisawa BilingualLINKFujisawaFplace, FujisawaEn/Ja1st & 3rd Sat 14:30EE55
KanagawaSouthern BeachLINKChigasakiChigasaki Citizen GallaryEn/Ja1st, 3rd & 5th Sat 10:00EE55
KanagawaOdawaraLINKOdawaraOdawara Citizens Exchange CenterJa1st & 3rd Sat 15:30EE56
KanagawaAlpine LeadersConditionalNot OpenNot OpenJaIrregularEE56
KanagawaAtami Yugawara BilingualLINKYugawaraYugawara Bosai Community CenterEn/Ja1st & 3rd Sat 18:30EE56
KanagawaFujitsuLINKCorporate/OpenOnlineFujitsuEn1st Tue 19:003rd Fri 19:00II94
KanagawaKagayakiLINKAdvancedKawasakiMuza KawasakiJa4th Sat 10:00II94
KanagawaMizonokuchiLINKMizonokuchiTakatsu ShiminkanJa1st & 3rd Sat 14:00II94
KanagawaMusashi-KosugiLINKMusashi-KosugiNakahara ShiminkanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 14:00II94
KanagawaTokyo Table TopicsLINKAdvancedMizonokuchiTakatsu ShiminkanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 18:30II95
KanagawaThe ChampionsLINKAdvancedMusashi-KosugiMuza KawasakiEn1st Sat 14:00II95
KanagawaKawasakiLINKKawasakiMuza KawasakiJa1st, 3rd & 5th Tue 19:00II95
KanagawaVisionariesLINKMusashi-KosugiNakahara ShiminkanEn1st & 3rd Sat 18:00II96
KanagawaKosugi-no MoriLINKMusashi-KosugiNakahara ShiminkanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sun 10:00II96
KanagawaYokohama HiyoshiLINKHiyoshiKeio University Hiyoshi Campus Kyosei-kanEn/Ja2nd & 4th Mon 19:00II96
NiigataNiigataLINKNiigataCross Pal NiigataEn2nd & 4th Sat 15:00AA13
FukuiFukuiLINKFukuiZOOMEnTue 19:30, Sun 14:00Contact us for detailsJJ2
YamanashiKofuLINKKofu, OnlineYamanashi Prefectural LibraryEn2nd Sat 14:004th Sat 19:30BB21
NaganoMatsumotoLINKMatsumotoAgatano mori Culture CenterEn/Ja2nd Fri 19:304th Sat 14:00BB21
ShizuokaMishimaLINKMishima-HirokojiMishima Citizens Activity CenterEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sun 10:00EE56
AichiKasugaiLINKKozojiKasugai Tobu Shimin CenterJa4th Sun 10:00JJ1
AichiSakaeLINKSakaeNadya ParkEn/Ja2nd & 4th Wed 19:15JJ1
AichiTokai BusinessLINKNagoyaWinc AichiJa4th Thu 18:00JJ1
AichiKanayama Visual CommunicationLINKOnlineZOOMEn/Ja4th Sat 10:00JJ1
AichiTokaiLINKSakaeNadya ParkEn/Ja2nd & 4th Sat 18:00JJ2
AichiKOTONOHALINKSakaeNadya ParkJa1st & 3rd Thu 19:15JJ2
AichiToyota FriendshipLINKToyotashi1. ZOOM
2. Toyota Shimin Katsudo Center
En3rd Sat 14:00JJ3
AichiInuyamaLINKInuyamaInuyama City Hall BunchoshaEn/Ja4th Sun 13:00JJ3
AichiMeieki CentralLINKNagoyaAction LaboEn1st & 3rd Wed 19:10JJ3
AichiOkazakiLINKOkazakiOkazaki Chuo LibraryEn/Ja1st & 3rd Sat 9:30JJ3
ShigaShigaLINKKusatsuKusatsu Shimin Koryu PlazaEn2nd & 4th Thu 19:30FF61/P
KyotoKyoto KarasumaOnlineZOOMJa1st Wed 18:30FF61
KyotoKyotoLINKKeageKyoto International Community HouseEn/Ja2nd & 5th Sat 14:00FF61
OsakaTakatsukiLINKTakatsukiInnovazest KeihannaEn/Ja4th Sat 14:30FF61
OsakaIbarakiLINKIbarakiIbaraki Shimin Sogo CenterEn1st Sun 14:00FF61
OsakaNaniwaLINKNambaNamba Shimin Gakushu Center En3rd Sat 14:00FF62
OsakaOsaka SakaiLINKSakai-higashiToyo BuildingEn1st Sat 14:00FF62
OsakaSenriLINKSenri-ChuoSenri KominkanEn3rd Sat 14:00FF63
OsakaOSAKA ROMANLINKShin-OsakaKoko PlazaJa1st & 3rd Sat 10:00FF63
OsakaOsakaLINKKitashinchiOsaka-Shiritsu Shogai-Gakushu CenterEn2nd & 4th Wed 18:30FF63
OsakaShin-Osaka LeadersLINKShin-OsakaKoko PlazaEn1st & 3rd & 5th Tue 19:30FF63
OsakaOsaka SunshineLINKTenma / OgimachiRough Labo Tech OgimachiEn/JaLast Sun 10:00FF64/P
HyogoItamiLINKHankyu ItamiToli Itami HallEn2nd Sun 13:30FF64
HyogoTakarazukaLINKTakarazuka-minamiguchiTakarazuka International and Cultural CenterEn1st Sat 14:00FF64
HyogoNishinomiyaLINKNishinomiya-kitaguchiNishinomiya Daigaku Kouryu CenterJa1st Sun 14:00FF64
HyogoSpeak-upLINKAdvancedNishinomiya-kitaguchiNishinomiya Daigaku Kouryu CenterEn4th Sun 14:00FF65
HyogoNishinomiya TGIFLINKNishinomiya-kitaguchiNishinomiya Daigaku Kouryu Center(Acta Nishinomiya)En2nd & 4th Fri 19:30FF65
HyogoAshiyaLINKAshiyaAshiya Shimin CenterEn3rd Sat 14:00FF65
HyogoEast-KobeLINKRokkoKobe Student Youth CenterEn4th Sat 13:30FF65
HyogoKansaiLINKSannomiyaChuka KaikanEn3rd Sun 14:00FF66
HyogoKobeLINKAdvancedSannomiyaChuka KaikanJa2nd Sat 14:30FF66
HyogoCaterpillar AkashiCorporate/ConditionalAkashiNot OpenEnBased on annual club calendar (2/month) 18:00FF66
NaraNaraLINKGakuen-maeNara Seibu KominkanEn2nd Sun 14:00FF62
WakayamaWakayamaLINK1. Online
2. Nankai Wakayamashi
2. Forte Wajima
En/Ja1st Wed 20:003rd Wed 18:30FF62
TottoriTottoriLINKTottoriKenmin Fureai-KaikanEn2nd Sun 14:00FF66
OkayamaGore JapanCorporate/ConditionalBizenNot OpenEn2nd Thu 12:00GG72
OkayamaOkayamaLINKOkayamaYoui Center or Okayama International CenterEn1st Sun 14:00GG72
OkayamaKurashikiLINKKurashiki1. Withup Kurashiki
En4th Sun 14:00GG72
OkayamaMomotaroLINKOnlineZOOMJa1st Tue 20:003rd Sat 14:30GG72
HiroshimaSaijo SakeLINKSaijoKuraraEn2nd & 4th Sun 15:00GG73
HiroshimaAkiLINKShinhakushimaHiroshima Chuo KominkanEn1st & 3rd Sat 18:30GG73
HiroshimaHiroshimaLINKYokogawaNishi Kumin Bunka CenterEn2nd Sat 18:304th Fri 19:00GG73
HiroshimaHiroshima PhoenixLINKAdvancedOnlineZOOMEnLast Sat 13:00GG73
HiroshimaKureLINKJR Shin-hiro StatioHiro Community CenterEn3rd Sun 14:30GG74
HiroshimaQuantumLINKHiroshimaHiroshima City International HouseEn2nd & 4th Sut 18:002nd & 4th Mon 11:30GG74
HiroshimaMomijiLINKFukuromachiGOJINSHA Wendy Hito-Machi PlazaEn/Ja1st Sat 19:003rd Wed 19:00GG74
HiroshimaCrescent LunchLINKShininokuchiHiroshima Sun PlazaEn1st & 3rd Mon 11:301st Sun 7:00 & 3rd Sat 13:00GG74
YamaguchiShimonosekiLINKShimonosekiShimonoseki Citizens CenterEn1st & 3rd Wed 18:30HH81
TokushimaTokushimaLINKTokushimaTokushima TOPIAEn3rd Sun 13:30GG71
KagawaTakamatsuLINKOnlineZOOMEn2nd Sun 10:00GG71
EhimeImabariLINKImabariShimanami Earthland Lecture BuildingEn/Ja1st Sat 19:30GG71
EhimeMatsuyamaLINKMatsuyamaCOMSEnIrregular Sat 19:00Irregular Sun 13:30GG71
KochiKochiLINKIriakeKochi University of TechnologyEn4th Sat 15:00GG71
FukuokaKitakyushuLINKKeibajo-mae (Monorail)The University of Kitakyushu, KitagataEn2nd & 4th Fri 18:30HH81
FukuokaKyushu UniversityLINKMaidashi-KyudaibyoinmaeKyushu University Hospital, MaidashiEn/Ja2nd & 4th Fri 19:00HH82
FukuokaIizukaLINKShiniizukaAitownEn1st & 3rd Sat 14:00HH82
FukuokaFukuokaLINKAkasakaAIREF BuildingEn1st & 3rd Tue 18:30HH82
FukuokaHakataLINKAkasakaAIREF BuildingJa2nd & 4th Mon 19:00HH82
FukuokaDazaifuLINKNishitetsu FutsukaichiFutsukaichi Community CenterEn2nd & 4th Sat 19:00HH83
FukuokaKurumeLINKKurumeKurume City HallEn2nd & 4th Sat 18:00HH83
NagasakiSasebo FALINKOnlineZOOMEn2nd & 4th Tue 18:30HH83
NagasakiNagasakiLINKZenza MachiZenza Machi Community center.En1st & 3rd  Tue 19:00HH83
KumamotoNakakyushuLINKSuidochoPAREAEn1st & 3rd Sat 18:30HH84
KumamotoKumamotoLINKSuidochoPAREAJa2nd Sat 18:30HH84
OitaOitaLINKOitaHorutoHall OitaEn/Ja2nd Sat 18:30HH81
MiyazakiMiyazakiLINKMiyazakiMiyazaki Shimin PlazaEn1st Sun 10:003rd Sat 18:30HH84
KagoshimaKagoshimaLINKKagoshima ChuoSun-Plaza TenmonkanEn/Ja4th  Sun 10:00HH84
OkinawaOki OratorsLINKKadenaKadena Air BaseEn1st & 3rd Thu 19:00HH85
OkinawaRyudaiLINKNakagamigunRyukyu UniversityEn2nd & 4th Wed 19:00HH85
OnlineDiversityLINKOnlineZOOMEn1st & 3rd Wed 21:00UO
OnlineParents and FriendsLINKOnlineZOOMEn/Ja1st & 3rd Sun 9:30UO

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