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The District 76 Times
Vol. 35 (August 28, 2022)
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Announcement from District Director

Awards at International Convention

Dear all members,

The world convention was held from Aug/17 to Aug/20.

This year, it was held in a hybrid, not online. Not only the contest, but also the international conference was held as a hybrid.

During the convention, TI announced last year’s achievements, and District 76 was awarded in two categories!

  • President’s Membership Retention Awards (74.09%)
  • Pathways Adoption Awards (91.51%)

Retention Rate of District 76 is very high same as last year. There is a big difference compared to District 90 (66.28%) in second place.

The deadline for payment of membership fees is the end of September. Please make sure to pay by the due date. Let’s aim for the top in the retention rate this term as well.

Regarding Pathways, due to the activities in each club and the support of volunteer members, the adoption rate of Pathways was higher than any other country.

District 76 has uploaded both basic and advanced courses in past educational programs. Please confirm the website and use it in your club.

2021 TLI Special site(refer to Pathways)

2022 Educational Event (refer to Pathways)

Let’s enjoy and do our best to win more awards this year!

Announcement from Program Quality Director

World Championship of Public Speaking

Toastmasters 2022 International Convention was held August 17-20 in a hybrid format, with a venue in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and online participation. The speech contest, a particular highlight of the convention, was also competed in a mixture of on-stage and online speeches, and was an excellent learning experience.

TM Rieko Walke (Shimazuyama TMC) from District 76 won the quarterfinals in Region 14 and performed on stage in the semifinals of the world competition. Congratulations to Rieko!

Videos of speeches by Cyril Junior Dim, the 2022 World Champion, Alexandre Matte (2nd place), and Mas Mahathir Bin Mohamad (3rd place) are available on the Toastmasters official Youtube site. Please enjoy.

Cyril Junior Dim (2022 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking):

Alexandre Matte (2nd place):

Mas Mahathir Bin Mohamad (3rd place):

International Convention Highlights:

The international convention will be held in Nassau, Bahamas.

Let’s celebrate the achievement of DTM!

TM Chia-huei Tseng achieved her DTM in July.

Congratulations TM Chia-huei and Akita Borderless Speakers!

Educational Award Achievements:

This year’s speech contests

As I announced last month, we will be holding the “Evaluation Contest” and the “Japanese Evaluation Contest” online from September through early December.

To prepare for the contests, we provided the “Evaluation Contest Deep Dive Session” which attracted more than 200 participants for the Japanese session on August 8, and more than 160 participants for the English session on August 11. We hope this helped to make the contest a fun event.

To further support the member clubs to make the contests a fun and valuable experience, we have also launched a special contest website, which contains the video-recordings of the “Deep Dive Sessions” and contest materials. You can also open the site from the menu on the District 76 homepage.

Special Contest Website

Educational Program Committee Member Wanted

We are considering the establishment of a new committee, tentatively named the “Educational Programs Committee,” which will lead the District’s educational activities in planning, executing and assessing the result.

The Educational Program Committee is an executive committee under the Program Quality Director (PQD). The roles of the committee include the following.

  • Selection and planning of educational programs and the means of execution
  • Execution management
  • Verification of effectiveness

The committee aims to provide effective programs to help District’s member clubs achieve their goals, while making the best use of the District’s budget. At the same time, this committee is an opportunity for members to gain experience in program management. We will prioritize, work together, and manage the program in an efficient manner.

We are looking for leaders and members to participate in this activity. First, we will explain the activities, and after an interview, the members will be appointed by the District Director. If you are interested, please let us know through this form (

Announcement from Club Growth Director

Modified Requirement to DCP and Club Coach Program

●Toastmasters International, the board of directors announced changes to the membership qualifying requirement for the Distinguished Club Program for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 program years as following. Effective immediately, the membership requirement is now having either 20 members or a net growth of at least three (3)(5 before revision) new, dual, or reinstating members as of June 30.

●Modified Requirement to Club Coach Program

Starting July 1st, 2022, the eligibilities of club coach and club have been changed as following.

New changes

  • Club needs to have at least one club officer who has completed Club Coach Program Training Module.
  • Prospective coach has not been a member of the eligible club for the past six months.
  • Prospective coach have completed Club Coach Program Training Module.

*Club Coach Program Training Module can be found through search window in Base Camp

Announcement from Public Relations Manager

“Comply with the brand manual! Flyer Contest 2022”

Thank you for your applications! For the applied club, please post your flyer through the special site by 9/15. From 9/9, the voting will start from the special site, and the results will be announced on 9/16, so please look forward to it.

▶︎ Special site

  • 8/12 ~ 9/8 Create / Post
  • 9/9 ~ 9/15 Voting period
  • 9/16 Results announced!

“Facebook Paid Ad Support”

As with the last term, we are going to have the Facebook PR support event.


▶︎ Special site (We will keep the website updated.)

  • 9/16~9/30 Application period
  • 10/4 Notification of funds to each club
  • 10/5-12/31 Advertising
* Please consider the start/end

Announcement from Finance Manager

Regarding the Travel Reimbursement Guideline for District Officers

We tell you about the Travel Reimbursement Guideline and Manual for District Officers. When clubs invite District Officers to your clubs, please refer to that and be aware of what District can pay for District Officers.

Case example:

For Club Visits and Club Memorial Events, Area Directors can be reimbursed the lowest public transportation expenses from the District. However, Division Directors are NOT covered. If the club invites the Division Director, please discuss which side will pay the transportation fee. The club or Division Director.


★Manual of Reimbursement for expenses for District Offices(NOT Club Officers)

(Editor’s Note)

It’s almost time for the evaluation contest to begin! As I was editing the Newsletter while looking at the pirate ship on Lake Ashi, I felt like “I will be the king of the evaluation! but the Administration Manager is not eligible to participate in the contest. lol

Masayuki Tanaka, 2022-2023 Administration Manager, District 76