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2020/11/01 Update Pathways information including commentary Japanese video [NEW]
2020/07/12 2020-2021 Organization
2020/06/07 COT#1 Schedule 
2020/05/18 2020 D76Online Distrcit Contest 
2020/05/16 Results of District 76 Elections 2020-2021 
2020/04/30 Special Page for District 76 Officer Election 
2020/03/06 Announcement of cancellation of 2020 District 76 Annual Conference
2020/03/06 Decision Regarding Kyoto Conference and Online Contest Guidelines 

2020/02/28 Announce and requests for coronavirus and infectious disease control 

2019/06/23 Annual Conference Report: 2019 International Speech Contest
2019/06/17 Annual Conference Report: Workshop ”Magic of the Mind” / The Gateway to Confidence
2019/05/17 Kofu Toastmasters present: “Global Leaders and Speech Workshop”
2019/05/13 Results of the District 76 Club Website PR Contest
2019/03/23 Announced Nominated Candidates for 2019-2020 District Elections
2019/03/21 Article on Toastmasters is published on Japan Today
2019/03/01 Annual Conference – The Largest Toastmasters Event in Japan – to be held on May 10-12 Registration started today. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join!
2019/01/01 2019 New Year’s Greetings from District Director
2018/12/25 Press release: A Kofu Toastmasters’ special event — The Kofu Global Citizen Forum: “Let’s enjoy becoming a global leader!” — was shortlisted for the 500th Anniversary of the Establishment of Kofu, 3rd recruitment of the project by Kofu
2018/12/22 Tokyo Mita Toastmasters Club 40th Anniversary
2018/11/17 Five English and bilingual Clubs in Shikoku area held a joint meeting
2018/11/13 Overnight joint meeting organized by Ageo Toastmasters Club
2018/11/4 Call for the next District 76 Officer Nominations
2018/11/1 Kofu Toastmasters Club 1st demo meeting held successfully
2018/10/31 Press release: Corporate managers gather at Ginza to talk about how to build leadership skills through Toastmasters (November 16)
2018/10/28 Advertisement on Wedge November issue
2018/10/18 Sunrise Toastmasters Club releases a promotional video
2018/10/16 Saijo Sake Toastmasters Club welcomed 22 guests at TM Kimochi’s English RAKUGO Night
2018/10/05 Uploaded DCM#1 minutes and presentation material
2018/10/05 Stories of Toastmasters activities are covered by Tokyo American Club’s monthly member magazine 
2018/10/04 Ginza Toastmasters Club to be officially chartered 
2018/10/03 We released the free image page for Club activities. Please feel free to use the images for your Club websites, flyers etc.
2018/10/02 Press release “The Beginning of Yamanashi Prefecture’s First Toastmasters Club Establishment Activity”
2018/09/21 Press release “Pioneer Toastmasters Club holds workshop by Naoki Tamura, one of the world’s top 20 public speakers”
2018/08/01 Support of prospective clubs “Ibaraki Toastmasters Club”
2018/07/28 Posts from Clubs “Charter of Amazon Japan Toastmasters Club”
2018/07/26 Press release “Toastmasters Club to be Established by Graduates of BBT Graduate School and Bond University MBA Program, etc.”
2018/07/04 Updated the organization chart for the new term 2018-2019
2018/07/01 Updated the list of all clubs. Please let webmaster know if there are any corrections!
2018/06/27 Released District 76 Newsletter May & June 2018
2018/05/16 Added PDF ver. of List of all clubs
2018/04/28 Released District 76 Newsletter April 2018
2018/03/13 Nominated Candidates for 2018-2019 District Elections
2018/02/27 Launched 2018 Conference Website!
2018/02/27 Released District 76 Newsletter February 2018
2018/02/12 Call for Division I Director
2018/01/31 Released District 76 Newsletter January 2018
2018/01/21 The rollout date of Pathways has been set on April 24, 2018
2018/01/06 Advertisement on CNN English Express February edition
2018/01/01 Published 2018 New Year’s Greetings from District Director Kitamura

“Persuade people to get a Yes to your every request!” by Ed Tate, an award-winning international Keynote speaker, trainer, and author.
Dec. 5th (Sat), 2020, 10:00~14:30
The business seminar hosted by Toastmasters Japan, free to attend. We are welcoming your participation.

Demonstration of Club regular meeting, meet Club members, opportunity to give you an impromptu speech (optional), etc.

A Broader and Enhanced World Awaits You in TOASTMASTERS!

141 nations, 350 thousands members in the world.
Strengthen your communication and leadership skills in US originated international NPO with over 90-year history.

We provide various interesting videos!


Online meeting clubs
Some clubs hold online meetings while other clubs hold onsite meetings with safety in mind.

PATHWAYS is a new educational program to develop leadership skills and communication abilities.

Membership Campaign PageMembership Campaign 2020-2021 for District 76

Two months to get back to the origins of the Evaluation


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