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The District 76 Times

Vol. 3-4 (October 6, 2020)

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Announcements from District 76
<Major Contents>
・Message from District Director
・Online Workshops
・”+5″, “+1” Campaign
・Club Promotion Video (PV) Contest
・International Joint Meeting A-Z
・Club Introduction Messages and Photos on D76 webpage

Message from District Director

Yusuke Ohashi, District Director
<Message video>
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Announcement from Program Quality Director

Naoki Yoshino, Program Quality Director

“The victory is not in the result, the victory is in the try.”

– Mike Carr, World Championship of Public Speaking 2020

This is the key message from 2020 International Speech Contest Winning Speech by TM Mike Carr. He shared his failure in his childhood and the lesson learned. Then he also talked about the International Convention. Toastmasters International didn’t cancel the event despite of the negative influence of COVID-19, and instead, they conducted the online event, which took us miles beyond the organization that gave up it. Not only his message but also his camera work was impressive and innovative, which made me realize that we can try more and more even in a difficult situation.

District 76 will also conduct the first online annual conference and online speech contests at Area, Division, and District Levels. We might have some challenges but let’s try and grow together.

In conclusion, let me remind us,

“The victory is not in the result, the victory is in the try. – Mike Carr”

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Online Workshop


(1) 2020-10-04(Sun.) Time: 11:00-12:15 Language: English

“Evaluation Workshop (English) by TM Marama Carmichael Kishimoto, District 76 International Speech Contest Champion”
As a kick-off event of the evaluation festival, TM Marama will conduct the evaluation workshop ! 【Successfully conducted. Thank uou!!】

Registration Form:

(2) 2020-10-10(Sat.) Time: 21:00-22:00 Language: English

“How to Take Your Pathways Journey to New Heights!” by Mark Snow, DTM ,World’s 1st Pathways DTM”
Mark Snow who is Word’s 1st Pathways DTM and D69 Program Quality Director will share his experience and idea about how to make Pathways work for you!

Registration Form:

(3) 2020-10-18(Sun.) Time: 9:00-10:00 Language: Japanese/English

“Pathways Mentoring Webinar”
To become a Pathways Mentor, we need to complete Pathways mentoring program and one full learning path. We will introduce Pathways mentoring program to take the first step to create more Pathways mentors in District 76!

Registration Form:

(4) 2020-10-21(Wed.) Time: 19:30-21:00 Language: Japanese

“Evaluation Workshop”

(5) 2020-12-05 Time: 10:00-12:00 Language: English

Ed Tate Workshop “GET YES! TO YOUR REQUEST!”
As a part of Division G Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Mr. Ed Tate will conduct the workshop about how to influence people. Save the date!

Registration Form: TBA

Moments of Truth Submission Form

“Moments of Truth” is one of very useful tools to assess your club and improve the club quality. Although it’s not mandatory, I’d like to encourage all clubs to conduct Moments of Truth and submit it by 31st December, which is also one of criteria to achieve Excellent Quality Club Award.

【Submission Form】

You can refer to the attached link to know more about “Moments of Truth”:

Education Awards

Congratulations for achieving more than two education awards! All the best for your future endeavors.


Announcement from Club Growth Director

Satomi Matoba, Club Growth Director



Dear fellow Toastmasters,

First of all, let me express my hearty appreciation to all of you for submitting renewal dues on time. Due to COVID-19 our retention rate is not as high as usual, but 95 percent of the clubs in District 76 have retained or recovered the status of Good Standing, thanks to your great cooperation.

Let’s refresh ourselves and set our mind to make most of the coming six months. In October, we are to celebrate the chartering of two clubs: IT Toastmasters Club in Tokyo, and Hiroshima Phoenix Toastmasters Club. Congratulations! Let’s send them warmest welcome.



(Please read the PDF file for detail.)


First 5 Award

Gift certificates for the TI shop will be presented to the first five clubs that won a +5 Award.


[Class of clubs with13 members or more]

1st Place E51 One-World Toastmasters Club

Congratulations for growing membership from 16 to 21!


[Class of clubs with12 members or less]

1st Place H84 Miyazaki Toastmasters Club

Congratulations for growing membership from 10 to 15!



(Please read the PDF file for detail.)

+1 Award

To be presented to areas when one new club is chartered in the area.


IT Toastmasters Club
Division C, Area 37(31), Area Director: Kaz Iwasa

(To be chartered in October. The club will move to Area 31 after chartering.)

Congratulations! Thank you Area 37 and all for your strong support for building the club.


Hiroshima Phoenix Toastmasters Club
Division G, Area 73, Area Director: Tomoko Uehira

(To be chartered in October.)

Congratulations! Thank you Area 73 and all for your strong support for building the club.


Golden September Award

To be presented to areas when all clubs in an area retain the base membership strength at October membership renewal. The result will be announced in mid October.




“My club lost many members. How can we regain membership?” If this is your concern, please watch these YouTube videos.

An Introduction to Club Coach Program: Rebuilding Nakameguro Yamanote TMC (in Japanese)

A Story of Club Rebuilders -Successful Club Coaches and Revival of Organization- (in Japanese)


Please do not hesitate to contact your Area Director to discuss about club coach appointment for your club. We will appreciate it if you could answer the questionnaire below.

Club Coach Questionnaire Form


Any volunteers to help rebuilding struggling clubs as a club coach? If you have much experience of running a club, or have expertise in certain areas such as prepared speech or evaluation, please submit a coach application form below.

Club Coach Application Form


Club Promotion Video Contest

Chris Cooper, Public Relations Manager

Club Promotion Video Contest

This issue I share with you the “YouTube Club Promotion Video Contest”.

What is it?

We are inviting District 76 clubs to make a short 30-60 second video promoting their club.

The top video from each Division will win a $50 voucher to use at the Toastmasters International online shop.

There will also be one $50 voucher special prize for the Club Video in District 76 with the most likes and views.

When is it?

Submissions can be made during November with the deadline being Nov. 30.

How can I make a video?

We will have a workshop to explain some basics of making a video and share some promotion video examples with you.

Workshop on October 18, 13:00~
Pre-registration: here.
ZOOM ID: here.

Why should I take place?

 With the coronavirus many clubs are meeting online and it can make it difficult to attract new members. This online promotion will help promote your club to more people.
 The goal is to make a video that shows what is special about your club and help attract more members.

YouTube Interview Series


We are doing more interviews for the District 76 YouTube channel. The latest videos are from an interview with Peter Fujiyama, a former Japan governor and Japanese International Speech Contest winner.
A member for 35 years you can find out more about the history of Toastmasters in Japan in this video with him for our History Series.
The video is here: “Peter Fujiyama talking about history of District 76”.

Also, you can find out more about Peter himself – and his magic tricks – in this story of his personal journey.
The video is here: “Peter Fujiyama Crossing Borders to Expand Friendships”.

We have more interviews set to come so please stay tuned, and, if you would like to get notifications of the latest additions to the District 76 YouTube Channel please subscribe below,


International Joint Meeting A-Z

Yoshiko Kurisaki, Global Liaison Manager

=== October, 31st (Sat) 20:00~22:00===

We’re pleased to announce that we invite you to a workshop “International Joint Meeting A-Z”.

In the workshop, we’ll share experiences to hold a wonderful international joint meeting and also have a session that you can discuss and propose your ideas to organize a inspiring meeting at your club.

People who think “An international joint meeting must be interesting but how can I hold it?” or “I have ideas to make it better!”, please register for the event!

Organiser: Global Liaison Team, District 76
Date & Time:20 :00 – 22 :00 (JST), Saturday, 31 October 2020
Language: English
How many participants?:100, First come first served
Who may participate?: TMC members and those who are interested
Format: Online conference using Zoom
Detail of the program

Please check the email from Peatix which will be sent to you after you registered. We have two important announcements in it regarding the workshop.

Inquiries: Global Liaison Team,

Club Introduction Messages and Photos

Arata Doi, Integrated Advertising Manager

〇Club introduction messages and photos you registered on the request form have been posted on the all club list of District 76 official webpage (some modification requested has been also completed). Please check the links below.



If you find errors and/or need updates in the contents, please contact by the form below. Please note that it may take time to reflect.

〇You can also search the club introduction page from the toppage.



〇Please send photo and bilingual comments (for Japanese and English) to be posted on the club introduction page using the form below.
* Login to Google account is required to upload images.

The 2nd deadline: 2020/12/25 (Fri)

If you don’t send the club information by the deadline, please note that a template image will be posted and the comments will be hidden.

(From Editor)

We announced that, in The District Times vol.2, the next volume 3 would be issued on September 20, but the volume has been issued as the combined volume 3-4 here. We apolgize for all members who are looking forward to reading the latest news from District 76. Vol. 5 will be issued on October, 20.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, 2020-2021 Administration Manager
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