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Vol. 5 (October 20, 2020)

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Announcements from District 76
・Educational Initiatives and Plans
・Announcements from Club Growth Director
・International Joint Meeting A-Z
・Club Introduction Messages and Photos

Educational Initiatives and Plans in This Term

Naoki Yoshino, Program Quality Director

Dear Toastmasters,

The other day, I participated in the 96th Anniversary of Smedley Chapter One and Toastmasters that Dr. Ralph C. Smedley founded for the first time in 1924. But I could know actually he failed to start Toastmasters 4 times for 19 years from 1905 through 1924.

Now we can interact with Toastmasters all over the world without any difficulty.

I’m grateful that we have a wonderful learning environment and would like to enjoy and grow more together with all of you.

This time, I’d like to summarize what we will do next month and we have done for the last 4 months as below.


Creating a Quality Club


As Program Quality Director, I’ve been focusing on 4 pillars to create a quality club.

(1) Future Educational Event

Evaluation Festival

We would appreciate your active participation.


(2) Past Education Materials

There are some useful education programs on YouTube.

1) Experiential Learning

【Moments of Truth Workshop】 Japanese

【STORY TELLING Workshop】Deepak K Sharma, DTM

2) Self-Paced Program -Pathways

【Pathways Webinar】Design Your Path in Japanese

How To Take Your Pathways Journey to New Heights!

3) Peer feedback – Evaluation

Evaluation Workshop by D76 Speech Champion TM Marama Carmichael Kishimoto

4) Mentoring – Pathways Mentoring Program

If you’re interested in Pathways Mentoring, please fill in the form.
(Mentoring Survey)

We will promote Pathways Mentoring and arrange Mentorships across Clubs. There are three ways to participate in this program.

1. A mentor who already has a protégé and wants to proceed with Pathways Mentoring together
2. A member who wants a protégé
3. A member who wants a mentor

Please understand that we might not be able to provide a mentor or protégé following your request.


Program Quality Awards

Program Quality Awards in this term are as follows.

Individual Recognition

Double Crown Award:

(Criteria)Any 2 Levels from Pathways by 30th April.2021

Triple Crown Award:

(Criteria)Any 3 Certifications or Levels or combination of both, between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2021.

Club Recognition

Fantastic Five Award:

(Criteria) Club achieves 5/10 DCP Goals by 31st December

Excellent Quality Club Award:

(Criteria 1/3) Submit Moments of Truth by 31st Dec.

(Criteria 2/3) Achieve President Distinguished Club by 31st Mar.

(Criteria 3/3) Top 10 Clubs with high educational achievements

If we have more than 10 clubs who meet the criteria No.1 and No.2, 10 clubs with higher educational achievements will be selected.
【Moments of Truth Submission Form】


Education Awards (2020.9.30)


Congratulations for achieving more than two education awards! All the best for your future endeavors.

Double Crown

Triple Crown

Contact address


Announcements from Club Growth Director

Satomi Matoba, Club Growth Director

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Due to COVID-19 our retention rate was not as high as usual at the October dues renewal. A little over 70 percent of the clubs in our district experienced membership reduction from their membership base. However, I’m feeling positives changes increasingly, such as improvements of on-line meetings, return to in-person meetings and increase of hybrid meetings. Let’s hope early return of discontinued members and keep working to attract new members and grow our precious clubs.


New Prospective Clubs

Three new prospective clubs were formed since July. Please give them your strong support.

7825981 Inzai Pros Club Inzai city, Chiba Pref.
7814264 Shiga Pros Club Otsu city, Shiga Pref.
7800370 Chiba Debate Pros Club Chiba city, Chiba Pref.

+5 Membership Campaign –Winners-

(Please read the PDF file for detail.)

First 5 Award

Gift certificates for the TI shop will be presented to the first five clubs that won a +5 Award.

[Class of clubs with13 members or more]

2nd Place E51 Yokohama Ni Hao Toastmasters Club

Congratulations for a membership growth from 15 to 20, with 9 new members!

A YouTube Live interview of the award winners is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th, from 20:30. The detail will be posted to the TMC Facebook group. You can watch the video on Toastmasters Japan YouTube Channel later. Don’t miss it!


+1 Club Building Campaign -Winners-

(Please read the PDF file for detail.)

Golden September Award

To be presented to areas when all club in an area retain the base membership strength at October membership renewal.

Division H, Area 84 Area Director: Nachiko Mori

Club Mem. Base Mem. To Date
Nakakyushu Toastmasters Club 18 18
Kumamoto Club 9 9
Miyazaki Toastmasters Club 10 15
Kagoshima Toastmasters Club 9 9

This is the sole winner among the 55 areas. Congratulations!


Club Coach Program

Clubs with 12 members or less can have Club Coaches.
Please contact your Area Director to discuss club coach appointment for your club. We will appreciate it if you could answer the questionnaire below.
Club Coach Request Form

Any volunteers to help rebuilding struggling clubs as a club coach? Please submit a coach application form below.
Club Coach Application Form


Related YouTube videos:

An Introduction to Club Coach Program: Rebuilding Nakameguro Yamanote TMC (in Japanese)

A Story of Club Rebuilders -Successful Club Coaches and Revival of Organization- (in Japanese)


International Joint Meeting A-Z

Yoshiko Kurisaki, Global Liaison Manager

=== October, 31st (Sat) 20:00~22:00===

We’re pleased to announce that we invite you to a workshop “International Joint Meeting A-Z”.

In the workshop, we’ll share experiences to hold a wonderful international joint meeting and also have a session that you can discuss and propose your ideas to organize an inspiring meeting at your club.

People who think “An international joint meeting must be interesting but how can I hold it?” or “I have ideas to make it better!”, please register for the event!

Organiser: Global Liaison Team, District 76
Date & Time:20 :00 – 22 :00 (JST), Saturday, 31 October 2020
Language: English
How many participants?:100, First come first served
Who may participate?: TMC members and those who are interested
Format: Online conference using Zoom
Detail of the program

Please check the email from Peatix which will be sent to you after you registered. We have two important announcements in it regarding the workshop.

Inquiries: Global Liaison Team,

Club Introduction Messages and Photos

Arata Doi, Integrated Advertising Manager

We are welcoming your club message and photo on the District 76 official webapge!

Club Information (Japanese official Web)

Club Information (English official Web)


Please register the message and photo of your club from this application form.
(Login to Google account is required).

★The second-term deadline 2020/12/25 (Fri)

If you find a mistake or need update of your registered information, please let us know by the below request Form. It takes some time to revise/update the information.


(From Editor)

The next volume will be issued on November 5.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, Administration Manager, 2020-2021
Contact address

Upcoming Events

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