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The District 76 Times
Vol. 22 (July 17, 2021)
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Announcement from District Director

Announcement from Program Quality Director
Club Officer Training #1

Announcement from Club Growth Director
Increase Club Membership to Increase Opportunities for Growth!


Announcement from District Director


Hi, All the District76 members!

I am Maki Matsumoto, District 76 Director for this term. The weather has finally become summery. And finally, new term has begun.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members and club officers for their cooperation in managing the club under the situation of Covid-19 over a year.

Basic Visions for District 76, 2021-2022

‘Back to Basics’

No matter what situation we are in, Toastmasters club management remains the same.

Let’s review our regular meeting once again, think about how we play a role as an officer, and discuss what the team building should be in our club.

Respect Our Four Core Values

“Integrity” “Respect” “Service” and “Excellence”, it is no exaggeration to say that these four core values are the [mental pillars] for all the Toastmasters.

Among them, “Integrity” is the most important value. Embodying these four values is the real first step to becoming a great leader, not only in your club, but also in the outside world in which you are involved.

By the way, Club Officer Training will be coming soon!

Under PQD Kishi, the Division Director Teams are preparing a program for you, so please look forward to it.

The World Championships of Public Speaking will also start online (8 / 23-28). Let’s take advantage of being able to participate without going to the real site! Apply now!

Announcement from Program Quality Director

Club Officer Training #1

Hi, fellow Toastmasters! My name is Daisuke Kishi, Program Quality Director 2021-2022.

Now, the new Toastmasters year has begun, and new officers of each club have been renewed and held an installation ceremony for new club officers in July. I think new officers may have both expectations and anxieties over the next year. I had the same situation when I first became an officer.

Toastmasters has a “Club Officer Training” (COT) program for such new officers. COT in District 76 will be held from July 25th to August 29th in 2021. New officers are welcome to join us.

Especially, Maki Matsumoto, new District Director, announced that we will carry out the Toastmasters program with the slogan “Back to Basics”. As Program Quality Director, I plan to operate this year with one of the missions of “Club Energized” following the slogan of “Back to Basics”.

We are planning this year’s COT program together with the Division Directors and Area Directors to realize that mission.

COT schedule is as follows. If you are a club officer, please register now!

COT Registration

— Schedule —

  • Division A 8/7(Sat) 13:00~
  • Division B 7/25(Sun) 13:00~
  • Division C 8/4(Wed) 19:30~
  • Division D 8/22(Sun) 13:00~
  • Division E 8/29(Sun) 13:00~
  • Division F 8/9(Mon) 13:00~
  • Division G 8/7(Sat) 13:00~
  • Division H 8/22(Sun) 13:00~
  • Division I 8/21(Sat) 13:00~
  • Division J 7/31(Sat) 13:00~

— COT Outline —

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. District & Division Strategy
  3. Session 1 – Creating a Quality Club
  4. Session 2 – Club Officer Breakout
  5. Session 3 – Leading the club to success (Club Success Plan)
  6. Closing

Announcement from Club Growth Director

Increase club membership to increase opportunities for growth!

Hello District 76 Toastmasters! I am Taka Miyawaki, Club Growth Director this year.

Having 25 to 30+ members in a club will help maintain the number of speeches, evaluations and role-takers in the regular meetings. Increasing and retaining membership is critical to improve the quality of regular meetings (= increase opportunities for growth). Quality meetings have a direct impact on the acquisition and retention of membership.

As we are at the beginning of the new Toastmaster year, let’s check to see if we are ready to obtain new members.

  • Does the club have a homepage / SNS that catches the eye of interested people? Is the information updated?
  • Are you inviting friends and colleagues who might be interested to visit meetings as a guest? Do you share your good experience?
  • Does your club warmly welcome guests and invite them to visit again?

If your club is eager to acquire members, please discuss plans within the club. It’s also a good start for Club Officers to talk with their Area Director and exchange information.

Clubs that have acquired 5 new members during the two months from August 1st to September 30th will receive “Smedley Award” with a ribbon and a 10% discount coupon at the Toastmasters Online Store. (see more info)

Individual sponsors of new members also have special benefits. You will receive a unique blue pin for five referrals, a unique burgundy pin for 10 referrals, and a special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from the Toastmasters Online Store for 15 referrals. This program runs from July to June in the following year. (see more info)

Let’s plan to increase club membership to increase opportunities for growth!

(From Editor)

The next volume of District 76 Times will be issued on August 15, 2021.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, 2021-2022 Administration Manager
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