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The District 76 Times
Vol. 21 (June 20, 2021)
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Announcement from Program Quality Director
Result of 2020-2021 D76 Speech Contests
Education Awards

Announcement from Club Growth Director
Registration of New Club Officer List
Application for ACS, DTM

Announcement from Global Liaison Team
Global Experience Sharing Event on Pathways


Announcement from Program Quality Director


Thank you very much for giving me a great opportunity as Program Quality Director in this term. We had to conduct all events by online, but we could meet and enjoy together across the border inside and outside Japan.

Looking forward to seeing you again. I wish you continued success and health!

Result of the 2020-2021 D76 Speech Contests

2021 Annual Conference (D76 Website)

Japanese Speech Contest 5/22(Sat.) 13:00-16:00

1st Place: Hiroko Furuya

2nd Place: Sayaka Umemura

3rd Place: Nao Teshiba

International Speech Contest 5/23(Sun.) 13:00-16:00

1st Place: Paul Malone “Follow Your Own Darn Advice”

2nd Place: Sayaka Umemura “Who do you fight for?”

3rd Place: Marama Carmichael Kishimoto “Suzette`s Lion”

Education Awards

PQD Awards (D76 Website)

Excellent Quality Club Award

  • (Criteria 1/3) Submit “Moments of Truth” (below) by 31st Dec.
  • (Criteria 2/3) Achieve President Distinguished Club
  • (Criteria 3/3) All clubs have been selected based on “First Come, first served”

Excellent Quality Club Award (10 Clubs)

Area Club Website
A11 Sendai Dynamic Speakers Website
A11 Sendai Lunch Speakers Website
A11 Sendai Toastmasters Club Website
A15 Saitama Toastmasters Club Website
C35 Tokyo American Club Toastmasters Website
D42 Makuhari Bayside Toastmasters Club Website
E51 Yokohama Ni Hao Toastmasters Club Website
E51 One-World Toastmasters Club Website
E54 Yokohama Frontier Toastmasters Club Website
H81 Shimonoseki Toastmasters Club Website

Individual Award


Triple Crown Award

(Criteria)Any 3 Certifications or Levels or combination of both, between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2021.

Double Crown Award

(Criteria)Any 2 Levels from Pathways by 30th May.2021

Program Quality Committee TM Yuki Kobayashi

Announcement from Club Growth Director


A rare challenging year is coming to the end. All club officers, thank you so much for your continued efforts to keep your club rolling in the midst of the pandemic. Every member who extended generous supports to others, please accept my deepest gratitude. It has been a tough year and we have learned much more than we normally do in quieter times. Let’s congratulate our clubs’ survival and believe in ourselves for becoming stronger through this fight. We will prevail in the coming term.

Many clubs struggled to adapt online meetings and over sixty percent of clubs in our district experienced membership decrease. Our membership as of June 18th is 4,075 dropped by 258 from the beginning of this program year. The number of clubs that have less than 13 members is 60 increased from 30.

Good news are that our April renewal rate was highest in the last five years, and number of clubs grew from 217 to 224 with additional 22 new clubs under construction. Also, membership has grown in 64 clubs, which is amazing in this circumstance. I feel the visibility of Toastmasters and demand for it are increasing slowly but surely.

I observed many clubs during my term and rediscovered the importance of passion for improvement and learning or working with enjoyment. It seems people gathers where they can share one’s joy of development with others. Which I think could be a key to success of any kind of clubs.

Thank you again all club leaders and district leaders for your dedication and service. It is true we can acquire leadership skills only by actually leading a group. But, let’s do our best to transfer our gained knowledge to our successors as the knowledge will create the foundation upon which they can build our organization higher.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and learn so much from them. I wish you all the best of everything in the next term.

Registration of New Club Officer List

Don’t forget to submit the new club officer list by June 30.

Otherwise your club will miss one point of the DCP in the new program year.

Application for ACS, DTM

Don’t forget to submit ASC and DTM applications on the traditional education program by June 30.

Are you currently serving as a district officer, club coach, club sponsor, or club mentor, and going to complete the role successfully by June 30 and aiming to achieve ASC and DTM on the old education program?

If your answer is Yes, don’t forget to have your club VPE submit an application form for you by June 30. No application will be accepted after July 1. I recommend this to club sponsors of prospective clubs with their charter application submitted and under processing as well.


Announcement from Global Liaison Team

Global Experience Sharing Event on Pathways

“Let’s maximize the benefits of Pathways!”

Dear Fellow TMC members,

We are pleased to advise that the Global Liaison Team (District 76, Japan) is organizing an event on Pathways, sharing good experiences of projects, challenges, and speeches, etc.

We welcome participation by TMC members from Japan and abroad who are interested in other paths they haven’t learned yet, who wish to know how to proceed with projects or who would need assistance.

Please find more information below about the event;

【Date & Time】Sunday, 27 June 2021, JST 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

【Theme】I don’t like Pathways even though I didn’t try it.

【Eligible participants】TMC members and those who are interested in TMC

【Main contents】

  • Pathways overview
  • Speeches (1 Japanese / 2 overseas: Pathways DTMs)
    • Good experiences about Pathways learning
    • Good and interesting things about Path(s)
    • Experiences of case studies or how to use projects more than Level 3 effectively
    • How to solve issues or problems
  • Q&A
  • Discussion (Breakout room session)

【Language】Mainly English

【Online communication system】ZOOM

Peatix (Application for the event)

We highly recommend that you will follow our Web pages. We will update event information on the Web pages later.

Please follow our FACEBOOK page.

We look forward to meeting you at the event about Pathways!

Global Liaison Team, District 76 Japan

(From Editor)

The District 76 Times will be issued once a month next term. Vol.1 will be issued on July, 15.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, 2020-2021 Administration Manager
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