District Procedure

District 76 Procedure

Toastmasters International has the following governing documents.

  • Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International
  • District Administrative Bylaws
  • Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International
  • Policy and Protocol

Each District is governed by the Bylaws, policy and protocol of the organization; the District Administrative Bylaws is the governing document that specifically addresses District leadership and operations. While Districts cannot create policy, they do have the ability to implement procedure manuals that capture operational processes at the District level.

Districts may establish procedures to provide consistency and help guide District leaders from year to year. Procedures may be established and changed by either the District Executive Committee or the District Council.

District operating procedures may not be called “policy” or “protocol,” and they cannot duplicate, contradict or be more restrictive than Toastmasters International governing documents.
(This description is based on page 12 of District Leadership Handbook (Rev. 10/2020 Item 222)).

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