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Vol. 7 DeVry Keller New York TMC

Fellow toastmasters!
Have you ever been to the “Empire State Building”?
If you walk toward east for a few minute, than you will arrive at the venue of “DeVry Keller New York Toastmasters Club”.
The club was started by a Japanese woman “Mariko Isoda ” san about three years ago.

They meet at DeVry Keller college in Manhattan.
It’s a very friendly club.

Here, TM Mariko Isoda kindly sent us a message as below.
Please take a look!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters in Japan,


My name is Mariko Isoda.
I have three years of experience with Toastmasters here in New York and it has changed my life.

A founding member of the DeVry-Keller New York Toastmasters club, I have dedicated myself to building the club and now serve District 46 as an Area 36Director, Division C.
It’s been a long and interesting journey.

For example, I served a year as president of the DeVry club.
During that tenure, I struggled with growing membership at the club starting from a base of nine members.
However, I experienced zero increase till December.
It was even worse at the September renewal.

I visited other clubs and events to learn how to address the problem.
I soon sought the opportunity to invite a key Toastmaster celebrity, a finalist of the Toastmaster World Championships, and asked him to speak for my club’s Open House.

The guest numbers were critical for success, so I nailed down who invited how many guests.
I even competed with my VP Membership in the guest numbers.
By centralizing this and other club executives’ activities, our club achieved President Distinguished.

Now, as an Area Director, I face another challenge, in the form of a potential loss of a club.
Since this club’s company has another charter in a different location, I have been motivating another area director of a different District so that the club in his area can encourage the club in my area.

I have established a High Performance Leadership Project to save the club and get involved with DTMs to make it successful.
They have proven to be a dynamic platform for success.

Having led clubs, and organized work and events, I became more confident than before about exposure to the public.
I have even made my area contest successful at New York Times this March!
Through these three years in Toastmasters, I have grown to appreciate English as a universal language, allowing me to communicate verbally and in writing, work on the team, and enrich my experience!

Toastmasters is where leaders are made; I will keep on developing my communication and leadership skills forever.

Our club’s slogan is “BID – Believe in Diversity.”
We all respect who you are and let’s share the value of Toastmasters.
Come visit us if you travel to New York. You are welcome.

Mariko Isoda, CC, ALB,
Area 36 Director, Division C, District 46(New York)

Wow,,,how energetic, encouraging and enlightening!
Let’s share the Value of Toastmasters, and attend DeVry Keller NY TMC’s meeting and say hello to TM Mariko Isoda!


past TMC on the Spot!!