Announce and requests for coronavirus and infectious disease control

2020-02-26 23:50

As you already know that it has been requested by the Japanese Government to voluntarily refrain from having large events with large gatherings.

There have been a lot of questions regarding holding contests regarding this matter and the virus.

  • Currently, we think to continue with holding the contests. But of course, that could change depending on the circumstances.
  • We have a meeting plan with the Region 14 Advisor, and there is an ongoing conversation with the International President regarding this matter. We will let you know the result of this.
  • Currently, without the permission of TI we cannot do the following:
    1. cancel contests
    2. have online contests.
    These two options are not within the power of D76 to decided unilaterally.

Please continue to take the normal precautions to prevent infection.


If you have a fever or serious coughing please refrain from attending the contests.

Again in the case the situation changes, there will be another announcement. Thank you.

Matthew D. Ownby District Director
Yusuke Ohashi, Program Quality Director
Yukimasa Matsuda Club Growth Director

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