The D76 News Letter vol.12


Sincere gratitude from 2019-2020 District Director

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Looking back on the year (July 2019 – June 2020) how much did you change and grow? As for me I learned a lot about presenting online and risk management. What about you?

There were some surprising events that occurred this year but there is still plenty to be optimistic about. Let`s look where we are.

Currently, the district is number 6th out of 122 districts in the number of paid clubs. This all due to the hard work of the many different Toastmasters across Japan. In this way, more people, especially companies are learning about Toastmasters.

The district is also 12th out of 122 districts for membership payments. We are at approximately 0% growth compared to last year. Many club presidents, area directors, etc. have worked hard to get everyone online and continue to have fun and productive meetings. I am thankful that everyone made a great effort. We have gotten through the crisis due to all of your efforts.

BTW as for the Distinguished Club Program, District 76 is 26th out of 122 districts. That is almost in the top 20%. Many members dealt well with going online, and it is great to see people continue to fulfill the club mission, contribute to having great meetings and growing personally. With more of your help, we can do even better.

So, as you see while some districts are having a hard time changing with times, while D76 has shown that it can change and move forward. Let`s continue with this trend.

Further, we had a very successful online contest. There were more than 2,000 views for English and more than 2,500 views for the Japanese speech contest. I hope many of you were uplifted by the inspiring speeches.

The District 76 YouTube channel also had a large increase in subscribers. We are also continuing with our Digital Marketing efforts and support with Zoom. I hope you all consider what you can do to help promote Toastmasters in what is now the new normal.

Some of you may wonder at what point would it be ok to have a normal offline meeting. That is something that each club needs to decide for itself. Each area has different circumstances and the local governments are also taking different actions. I hope you all discuss this with your fellow members and come up with a plan that is agreeable for all members in your club.

Finally, I am thankful to have the opportunity to be the District Director for this past year. It is an experience that I will not forget. May the next term be better for you and your friends. Thank you all.

Mathew Ownby, DTM
2019-2020 District Director

Sincere gratitude from 2019-2020 Program Quality Director

Dear fellow toastmasters

To all of you, the club leaders in District76, my sincere gratitude for your servant leadership this year. I also want to express my congratulations on your achievements in this term! Thank you for sharing the benefits of Toastmasters with more and more people, so that the world can benefit from our organization!

2019-2020 has been a year of tremendous change. Thanks to all of you for adapting to these changes in a positive way. It is been my honor to serve with all of you this year. I look forward to seeing you next term and personally congratulating you there!

Sincerely Yours,

Yusuke Ohashi, DTM,
2019-2020 Program Quality Director

Sincere gratitude from 2019-2020 Club Growth Director

Dear fellow Toastmasters in District 76,

Please let me convey my sincere gratitude who worked together with me for the club activities. I could have special experiences throughout this year. Looking back this term, we had brave objectives at the beginning and we could achieve some of them.

What you inspired me extraordinarily were tremendous enthusiasm to achieve the Club Charters, DTM accomplishments, Club DCP achievements, Successful Club Coaches, Grateful Club Sponsors, Effortful Club Mentors, Club Visit Reports completions, Path completions in Pathways and enormous educational achievements you had this term.

The time I could share with you will remain in my mind as fantastic memories.

At the same time, please let me deliver my apology for not taking care of you well at some challenges and hardships.

Hoping that District 76 will provide you valuable opportunities and happy moments continuously. Opportunities are always here for you in this District 76, which I could learn through this term. I appreciate for you.

Sincerely Yours,

Yukimasa Matsuda, DTM,
2019-2020 Club Growth Director

News from Program Quality Director

A. 2020-2021 COT#1 Schedule(All Online)

2020-2021 COT#1 Schedule(All Online)
*Details will be announced by PQD-elect soon.

2020/7/12 Sun Division I
2020/7/18 Sat Division J
2020/7/19 Sun Division A
2020/7/26 Sun Division C
2020/8/1 Sat Division D
2020/8/2 Sun Division E
2020/8/8 Sat Division F
2020/8/9 Sun Division G
2020/8/22 Sat Division B
2020/8/23 Sun Division H

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