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  • Japan-Taiwan Joint MTG JUSCPA Metropolitan TMC

    We had a joint meeting between JUSCPA Toastmasters Club (Japan), Sunshine Toastmasters Club (Taiwan) and Pacific Toastmasters Club (Taiwan) in Taiwan on Feb. 17, 2017. There were about 20 members joined, 4 members from our club, sharing each role at the meeting.

    8th Japan-Korea Joint MTG Tokyo Metropolitan TMC
  • 8th Japan-Korea Joint MTG Tokyo Metropolitan TMC

    We started to have joint meetings between Tokyo metropolitan Toast Masters Club in Japan and JETM (Japanese English Toastmasters Club) in Korea in 2012 and we have held 8 joint meetings since then. Every year we have meetings twice a year, once in Tokyo and once in Seoul.

    Kansai Toastmasters Club 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Kansai Toastmasters Club 50th Anniversary Celebrat

    We had a special meeting to celebrate the Kansai TMC 50th Anniversary on 9th of January, 2016. It specially had 2parts, the first half was for Congratulatory, and the second half was the joint meeting with the Takarazuka TMC. There were 84 participants at the Kobe Club, including the ex-Kansai TMC members and lots of TMs from other clubs and the event was really great.

    AtsugiZama Toastmasters Club
  • AtsugiZama Toastmasters Club

    Atsugi-Zama TMC was founded in 1970. We are celebrating our 45th birthday this year! In order to commemorate this significant milestone, we held the special regular meeting and the 45th anniversary party on May 31, 2015. The event was highly memorable with the attendance of district, division and area officers as well as fellow toastmasters from other clubs. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the people who joined and celebrated this special occasion.

    Bashamichi Toastmasters Club
  • Bashamichi Toastmasters Club

    Last August, a group of our Bashamichi Toastmasters club with some other members visited Kuala Lumpur (KL) and it was a fantastic journey.
    I would like to share brief highlight with District 76 members.

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