Dear New Club Officers,

First of all, congratulations on being new club officers!

I’m pleased to announce the schedule of Online Club Officers Training as below.
Let’s start your new role by joining a great learning opportunity because a good beginning makes a good ending.

All COTs will be conducted online and it’s recommendable to join your Division’s.
However, if you’re not available on that day, we welcome you to any COT. And I expect all officers to join the session. The agenda will be finalized by each Division Director soon.

Each of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.
Your action as an officer is incredibly important for your club .
Let’s be the difference that makes the difference!
We look forward to a fantastic year ahead full of Learning, Growth, and Fun!

■ 2020-2021 COT#1

  • 2020/7/12 Sun Division I
  • 2020/7/18 Sat Division J
  • 2020/7/19 Sun Division A
  • 2020/7/26 Sun Division C
  • 2020/8/1 Sat Division D
  • 2020/8/2 Sun Division E
  • 2020/8/8 Sat Division F
  • 2020/8/9 Sun Division G
  • 2020/8/22 Sat Division B
  • 2020/8/23 Sun Division H

■ COT#1 Registration Form

Naoki Yoshino
Program Quality Director Elect, 2020-21