MoM with Mr. Gauri Seshadri


0) Can we have an option to hold Contests online?

No, the online contest permission will be needed by the Board.

Currently, District 76 has submitted the report of current situation in Japan and request for permission to the Board approval.

How long will it take to be granted?
Already 10 days passed since Korea submitted. It takes a while.

1) Who has the authority to decide to hold or cancel the contests? District 76 Trio or Area/Division Directors? Or anyone else?
・District Director has the authority.

2) Considering the bad reputation against the organization to hold events with many people gathering, how should toastmasters announce our activities in public?
・For club regular meeting activities, when you consider the prevention, I recommend District to suspend all the activities except for contests in two weeks following the Government announcement.
・Still District should call out the protocols in holding contests such as wearing masks and washing hands well.

3) District will be in charge of handling the law suit cases, if a patient will be identified being infected at contests after holding?
・None. Same as above as the district officers cannot owe the responsibility to handle any law suit cases.

Current status update:
In Japan, Prime Minister made an announcement to close elementary, junior high and high schools to close until the new term starts in April. Some major companies have closed their offices by conducting work-from-home.
Due to the facility reservation status, Division Contests cannot be postponed.

Status update from Gauri:
 Gauri talked with Deepak two days ago regarding the situation changes in Region 14. Gauri called out that Korea and Japan status have been changing.
 Observing some Region advisor group, other regions have started raising concerns such as Middle East and European countries like Italy.
 Gauri accepted that our idea that should not be dealt for each country, but be considered as whole region; Korea, Japan and Taiwan are not handled with different policy.(If TI accepts exceptions beside mainland China, whole others should be covered equally)
 Once the board permitted, Online Contest guideline is applicable to up to Division Level contest. (Even in China, District-level decisions are not taken) District contest could be held with the small number of people.
 By mid March, TI will decide the guideline for district contests.
 Logistics for Online contest guideline for District conference shall be announced if allowed.
 For example, all the members have to mute their microphones except for the speaking contestant. Video guidance should be reviewed carefully for District contest. At division level, we may accept the body of contestants will be cut off on the screen.
 From contestant perspective, having smaller number at contests would be better. The concern is online election. TI will give us the guideline in the case.