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Vol. 8 Toastmasters Europe-European club

Hello Toastmasters,
Before going to Britain next month, please let me introduce another unique TMC in Paris, France!
“Toastmasters Europe-European club.”
It’s a bilingual club, English and French.What makes this club special is that they speak in both languages really interchangeably.

An English speech could be evaluated in French language.

Also, at the table topics session, you can answer a question asked in French in English, and vice versa!

Isn’t this interesting?
I think it’s a good idea for us to do the same in Japan.
Why don’t we answer a question asked in Japanese in English?
It could be exciting!
Toastmasters Europe was founded to give TM members opportunities to train the skills to handle English and French with no difficulty at all.
It attracts many French speaking members, encourages them to speak in English.

They meet twice a month at a cafe right in front of the Louvre Museum.
The venue in on the 2nd floor of the cafe (in France, on the 1st floor, our 1st floor is the ground floor, mind you!)

Also, some native English speakers who need to represent themselves in French are members, toiling to learn public speaking in French.
I was a member of the club as well.

The club climate is so hilarious, enjoyable, and everybody supports everybody!
It’s full of Latin optimism, you’ll surely feel bouncy there.

Plus, Mr.and Mrs.Odile, a couple who both served as District 59 Director are core members, welcome guests warmheartedly.
It’s wonderful for you to attend a meeting of European TMC to say hello to these charming people!

If you like French language, it’ll be exquisite.
Even if you don’t speak French, it’ll be exciting.

The venue is conveniently located for shoppers, and it’s close to the Louvre Hotel.
It’s a famous hotel, because more than a hundred years ago, Mr. Yukichi Fukuzawa stayed there.

At the meeting, you need to have some meal (supper) of your choice, but you will spend less than 20 Euros.

At first, please order your meal and drink at the cashier on the ground floor, then go upstairs.
There, heartwarming smiles of Parisien and Parisenne will welcome you.

Because it’s a French-English bilingual club, if you could say a few words in French when you introduce yourself, their faces would brighten!
“Je suis Japonais(Japonaise, if you are a woman) “, a phrase in French would make a difference.
They would be pleased at your kind gesture.

Time management of the meeting is not strict.
Here, the most important thing is having a enjoyable meeting.
Latin lenience dominates!

Why don’t you Enjoy speeches and evaluations in both languages, surrounded by harmonious and gentle hearts of European people?

This TMC has such a distinctive club climate that no other can create.
Let’s have fun at the European TMC in Paris!


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