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Vol. 14 【Side story】Introducing 5 clubs in Western Japan

Last year, I also attended meetings of many domestic clubs as well as overseas.

This time, please let me introduce 5 TMCs in Western Japan where I live currently.
These TMCs are geographically remote from other clubs, and yet, they are all active and attractive!


◆Fukui TMC◆-English Speaking Club

Fukui TMC is one and only TMC in “Hokuriku”.
The club holds a meeting “Every Week”!
Every Tuesday from 19:30 to 21:00.
They meet at the University of Fukui which is about 10-minute train ride from JR Fukui station.
You’ll be greeted with welcoming smiles by all members!
At the meeting, you’ll enjoy good speeches and evaluations.
Plus, the Table Topics session is exciting.
Every attendee is asked to speak!
Let’s attend Fukui TMC meeting and enjoy learning speaking skills!
?Three times a month on Tuesday at the University of Fukui. 19:30-21:00
The 3rd Sunday at a new community centre in front of Fukui Station.

◆Tottori TMC◆-English Speaking Club

Tottori TMC meets on the first Sunday of the month- they hold a meeting once a month.
The venue is “Kenmin Fureai Kaikan”.near JR Tottori station.
The club members are all convivial, kind and heartwarming people.
Message-centric speeches and evaluations are brilliant.
Members are smooth speakers, and good communicators.
Ladies are demure, and gentlemen are dandy.
Why don’t you attend Tottori TMC meeting and enjoy the heartwarming atmosphere?
?The First Sunday of the month, – once a month, at “Kenmin Fureai Kaikan”

◆Okayama TMC◆-English Speaking Club

Okayama TMC meets once a month, on the 2nd Sunday of the month at “International Community Centre” near Okayama station.
It’s an energetic club full of motivated people.
Their English proficiency is high.
The club is full of powerful speakers!
And yet, they all are eager to improve furthermore.
The members are also delightful and accommodating.
I encourage you to attend their meeting and get empowered!
?The 2nd Sunday of the month, 14:00-16:30 at “International Community Centre”

◆Fukuoka TMC◆-English Speaking Club

Fukuoka TMC has the longest history in Japan!
The first demonstration meeting was held in May 1954, for the very first time in the country.
They get together twice a month, on the 1st and the 3rd Tuesday (18:30-20:30) at the center of Fukuoka, “Airefu’s 9th floor”, a few-minute-walk from Akasaka station of the Subway (close to Tenjin).
They are dynamic speakers, and good evaluators.
Especially, their active listening skills are remarkably helping the speakers!
The city of Fukuoka is vibrant and full of energy just like Fukuoka TMC, perhaps even more so than Osaka.
I urge you to say hello to Fukuoka Toastmasters to be empowered!
?The 1st and the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 18:30-20:30 on the 9th floor of “Airefu”, a few -minute walk from Akasaka station of the subway

◆Takamatsu TMC◆-English Speaking Club

Takamatsu TMC is a cozy club which meets once a month, on the 2nd Sunday 13:30-16:00 at “Yonbancho Community Centre”, 6-minute-walk from Takamatsu station.
It’s a modest-sized club, and yet Speeches are message-centric and evaluations have practical suggestions.
The city of Takamatsu is energetic and looks refined.
Facing the “Setonaikai”, its climate is mild, and there’s also the longest shopping quarters in Japan-about 2 miles!
Let’s learn communication skills with heartwarming members of Takamatsu TMC!
?The 2nd Sunday of the month, 13:30-16:00 at “Yonbancho Community Centre”


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