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Vol. 13 Pride Toastmasters Club(Manhattan, New York)

Pride Toastmasters Club meets every Thursday except for holiday, in lower Manhattan, New York, NY.
The club’s insignia is “Rainbow”.
That means,,,yes!
Most club members are LGBT.

The venue is LGBT Community Service Center in lower Manhattan.

You have “No need to be LGBT to attend” the club meeting, mind you!

Most Pride Toastmasters club members are LGBT people, especially lesbian couples.

When I attended a meeting in June, a newly married lesbian couple so much in love was congratulated by all club members.

BTW, did you know many LGBT people are successful in service businesses?
Because they are said to be meticulous, mindful and mild, capable of being considerate and delivering customer-oriented presentations, or suggestions.

In fact, speakers and evaluators of the club are all so smooth, shrewd and skilled communicators capable of providing considerate suggestions with subtlety and gentleness.

Soothing air fills the venue, indeed!

Many toastmasters in New York speak fast and often make straightforward suggestions, but here in the “Pride TMC,” speeches and evaluations are refined and softly delivered.

Their delivery is velvety smooth, sometimes even silky.
I had a frisson of excitement!

For Example, a phrase “Why don’t you do this?” is delivered with a genuine smile and neat gestures, in a restrained vocal tone with sincerity and benevolence.

Mellow and matured speaking is a revaluation.

The “Ah counter” also reported with much care, considering each member’s feelings.

“LGBT people are subtle in mind, so we need a careful consideration for each and every member with utmost respect,” they say. I believe this holds true in every respect, too.

At another TM meeting in New York, I saw a toastmaster who almost cried in tears after receiving a report that he said Ah 25 times. He looked hurt.

Considerate, smooth and shrewd speaking, evaluating and presiding over the meeting should be pursued at all times, I think.

I learned so much from attending Pride TMC meeting.
The club represents and incarnates Diversity and Inclusion.
The members displayed “Pride and Determination,” and I saw the genuine gentleness and strength in them all.

LGBT people are not fully understood and kindly treated by everybody even in the United States.
Ergo, at the Pride TMC, LGBT members are committed to improve themselves as speakers and leaders.

The Rainbow speaks their pride and hope eloquently.

Why don’t you attend their meeting whenever you go to Manhattan, and share the energy and excitement of earnest toast-mastering with them all?!



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Upcoming Events

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    April 25th
  2. DEC#5

    May 2nd1:00 PM~5:00 PM
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    May 16th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  4. District-level Speech Contest (Japanese)

    May 22nd1:00 PM~4:00 PM
  5. District-level International Speech Contest (English)

    May 23rd1:00 PM~4:00 PM