Contest and Coronavirus

2020-02-28 1:50am

On Feb 27th, 20:30 we had a meeting with the Regional Advisor, Gauri Seshadri. With the following conclusions regarding the Coronavirus matter:

For reference: MoM with Mr. Gauri Seshadri

  1. The Board is deciding whether it will allow online contest for the Area and Division. Currently, online contests are not allowed until the Board approves. When the decision will be held it not yet known.
  2. A separate decision will need to be held by the Board to hold the District Convention Online. Again not clear when or if this decision will be made.
  3. TI has not given permission to cancel any contest nor has the Government of Japan made a request for uniform cancellation. Furthermore, since no contest can be held online yet, all contests will need to be conducted in person unless the conditions change. Contests will need to run with the minimum number of people to hold the contest. Clubs and contestants are free to cancel their participation in the contest for safety reasons. All participants should follow normal precautions as recommended before.
  4. District 76 will adhere to the recommendations of the Government of Japan as well as local governments. As of Feb 26th. the Government of Japan made the following statement “Organizers of events, etc. are requested to reconsider the necessity of holding the event from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection, taking into account the spread of infection and the situation at the venue. At this time, the government does not make a uniform request for self-restraint for holding events.
  5. Delay of area or division contests is possible. Please confer with the Trio before doing so.

When there is anything new affecting contests by either the Government of Japan or Toastmasters International you will be notified promptly. Thanks for your support and continue to take positive and constructive action.

Matthew D. Ownby, District Director
Yusuke Ohashi, Program Quality Director
Yukimasa Matsuda, Club Growth Director

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