Decision Regarding the 2020 Kyoto District Conference

Toastmaster International sent new guidelines about the new coronavirus to District 76 on March 3rd, 2020 (March 4th, Japan Time at 10:29 am). Thus, the District Executive Committee (DEC), District Council Meeting (DCM), district events, including contests, can be done online. The District 76 Trio made the following decisions about the 2020 Kyoto District Conference:

The conference at Kyoto Terrsa on April 24-26, 2020 is canceled.

  • DEC will be done online from 13:30 to 16:30 on Sunday, April 26th.
  • DCM will be done online from 13:30 to 17:30 on Sunday, May 10th.
  • The district contest will be done online on Sunday, May 24th (Japanese is 9:30 to 12:00, English is 13:30 to 16:00).
  • Workshops and parties other conference related events are canceled.
  • Everyone who purchased a ticket will get a full refund.

Due to the new coronavirus situation, it is not appropriate to hold a conference including the contest where 500 people are expected. Nor is it appropriate to hold workshops, DCM, DEC, parties, etc. where more than 100 people are expected to gather indoors for a certain time. We have determined that the risk of infection is high.

After the March 4th notice from Toastmasters International, we have decided to hold online meetings to the extent possible. This is to protect the health of members and cut the risk of infection. Even if it is possible to hold a district contest with no spectators, the district contest will be held online. The reason is that the venue could become unavailable and contestants infected during transport.

The work of the conference is done by the district conference committee. So, the district conference committee will concentrate on cancelation operations. All who have purchased tickets will receive a full refund from Peatix. Please wait for a member from the district conference committee to contact you separately. If you applied for accommodations yourself, please cancel them yourself.

The district contest will be held on May 24th by a district contest committee led by the Program Quality Director. We are preparing guidance and will later report to you by no later than April 24th. The district contest committee will be convened shortly, and we look forward to your cooperation. At present, the online contest format assumes that each contestant from each division will participate online from each locality.

The DEC will be held on April 26th using Zoom. The DCM will be held on May 10th, will also use Zoom. We will adopt the next area alignment plan and conduct district officer elections for the next term. An operational manual is being prepared.

With the help of all the district officers, the trio is working hard to make the above-mentioned district contest, DEC, and DCM successful.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best Regards,

Matthew D. Ownby, District Director
Yusuke Ohashi, Program Quality Director
Yukimasa Matsuda, Club Growth Director

Peatix Event Cancellation and Refunds

How refunds are made:

If the applicant has purchased a ticket with a credit card

The ticket price will be refunded through the credit card.

*For tickets that have passed 50 days or more from the purchased date, Peatix charges a fee of 500 yen per case to the organizer.

If the applicant has purchased a ticket by convenience store / ATM payment

An email from Peatix will be sent and refund the price to the applicant’s designated bank account. Peatix charges a fee of 500 yen per case to the organizer.

Reference: Impact on District Finances

Based on this decision, the expected impact on ​​district finances is as follows:


The conference revenue of 4.6 million yen from participants (including contest, party, lunch) will be 0 yen.


Of the initial budget of 4.5 million yen related to the conference management

  • Reservation fee for the venue: ¥ 900,000 (50% cancellation fee)
  • Guest ticket price ¥ 300,000 (only partial refund is possible)
  • Peatix refund fee ¥ 500,000

A total of 1.7 million yen mentioned above is the smallest estimate of the expenditure for this cancellation.

To take care of the above changes, we will cover it with the following: No TLI in May @ 950,000 yen, COT2 surplus @ 650,000 yen. That`s a total of 1,600,000 yen. Because the DCM and DEC will be online, transportation costs will be saved by 700,000 yen. Due to these changes, there are large changes to expenditures and revenue in the budget.  These changes are to ensure good financial health for the district`s finances. We would appreciate your understanding.

Upcoming Events

  1. DCM#2

    May 16th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  2. District-level Speech Contest (Japanese)

    May 22nd1:00 PM~4:00 PM
  3. District-level International Speech Contest (English)

    May 23rd1:00 PM~4:00 PM