Spring Conference 2016 in Osaka

Result of District 76 International Speech Contest 2016 Final

This is Keith Ohmi, 2016 Spring Conference Chair.
I would like  to say special thanks for your attendance and cooperation at 2016 Spring Conference in Osaka.
We had successful conference with the highest number of participants in our conference history.
The total number of participants is 1087.
(May 27th workshop: 102, May 28th Japanese contest day 445, May 29th English contest day  540.)
Thank you very much for your attendance again.
Second, I would like to announce you the Contest results.
I think we met fantastic highest level contests in both Japanese and English. I have to say special thanks for all sixteen finalists, contest officials and all steering committee members.
The winners are below.

International Speech Contest

1st Reiko Masui (Omotesando Bilingual TMC)   “Next !”
2nd Ruskyle Howser (The Champions TMC) “Life Goes On”
3rd Drian Von Golden (Shibuya TMC) “Trust”

Japanese Speech Contest 日本語スピーチコンテスト

1位 眞山徳人  (浦和TMC) 「あなたはかっこいい」
2位 ディペス・アチャリャ(日本橋センチュリーTMC) 「覚悟を決める」
3位 高橋 塁  (新宿バイリンガル TMC)                   「好きの力」

Winner’s Interview

Congratulations all winners! TM Reiko Masui will proceed to semi final contest held in Washington DC on August 2016.
Let’s go to Washington DC to cheer on our representative contestant TM Reiko Masui!
Best regards,

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