Spring Conference 2011 in Kyoto

Result of District 76 International Speech Contest 2011 Final

First Place : Naoki Tamura (Tokai Toastmasters Club), “Rival”
Second Place : Ruskyle Howser (Tokyo Toastmasters Club), “Drive
Third Place : Midori Hirota (Kagayaki Toastmasters Club), “Birds”

Other finalists (in speaking order)

– Akira Ishido (Sendai Toastmasters Club), “You are under arrest”
– Euisook Chae (Nihonbashi Century Toastmasters Club), “Hell and what’s next?”
– Keisuke Morikawa (Momiji Toastmasters Club), “What we need to accuire communicative English skills?”

2011 D76 International speech Contest

First Place Winner, Naoki Tamura:
First Place Winner, Naoki Tamura, 2011

Second Place Winnder, Rus Howser:
Second Place Winnder,Rus Howser 2011

Third Place Winner, Midori Hirota:
Euisook Chae, 2011

Keisuke Morikawa, 2011

Akira Ishido, 2011

Result of District 76 Japanese Speech Contest 2011 Final

Winner: Kazuo Yamaguchi (Momiji Toastmasters Club)

Winner’s Interview

Invitation to Spring Conference 2011 in Kyoto

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