FAQ About a meeting and visit

About a meeting and visit

The difference between English classes and TM is that we have neither teachers nor textbooks. Instead, we have practical guidebooks to increase our communication and leadership skills. We hone and improve these skills at a meeting according to these guidebooks.
No lectures will be given by professionals. Instead, members will practice and brush up communication and leadership skills by performing a given role at a workshop-style meeting.
Of course, you can join our meetings. We have various members with diverse English skills.
Don’t worry. You can learn how to make a public speech naturally just by participating in a meeting, in which you can practice speaking in front of the audience as well as receive feedbacks and advise from other members.
Please ask each club but usually you can visit the meetings up to three times for free. Please enjoy the atmosphere of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, our President will ask you to give us your comments about the meeting.
Feel free to visit our meeting anytime. Please contact our staff to confirm a meeting time and place before each visit.
Usually you can visit the meeting without reservation. However, if you contact our staff to visit the meeting in advance, we will let you know the time and place of the meeting you’d like to come to.

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