Club Officers’ List Submission to Toastmasters International

What is the Submission of the Officers’ List to the Toastmasters International?

Each club has an election of incoming club officers by the end of every term in June. Once you determined the new club officers, you have to submit the officers’ lists to the Toastmasters International (hereinafter referred to as the “TI”). It is the responsibility for each club as well as reporting the name of new club officers to the District Governor and the Area Governor.Who’s responsibility? – Current Secretary at the time of June

Deadline for submission – June 30

* Please take action well in advance once the new club officers are elected, so that you can avoid the failure of registration because of the over access to the website around the deadline.

It is very important for your club’s operation to submit the officers’ list to the TI in time. If you miss the deadline, your club will not be able to access to CLUB CENTRAL page on the TI website, and cannot carry out any club business; for example, new member applications, submission of education awards, and so forth.

Meanwhile, if you submit the list in time, your club can get one requirement of DCP point for the next term!

Please follow the instructions below and complete the submission of the officers’ list by the deadline!

How to Submit the Officers’ List to the Toastmasters International?

1. Go to the TI website ( Click [LOGIN].

3. Log in with your own Email/User Name and Password.

4. Click [CLUB CENTRAL].

5. You can see the list of the clubs you belong to on the screen. Select the club name which you want to deal with among the list.

6. Click [View/Update/Print my club officer information] on the Conduct Club Business page.

7. Select [Future] for the Officer Term, and choose the term you want to submit the list from the pull-down menu. 

Example: if you want to send the list of the incoming officers in June, 2013, select [07/01/2013-06/30/2014].

8. Select the name of the incoming officer for each position; Club President, Club VP Education, Club VP Membership, Club VP PR, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer and Club Sergeant at Arms from the pull-down menu of Name.9. Select the name and Click [COMFIRM].

10. Click [OK] on the confirmation screen.

How to check the Submitted Officers’ List to the Toastmasters International?

Your input data will be processed and reflected on your page in a few days. Please confirm your submitted information with the same procedure, 1 to 6 on the above. You have completed the submission successfully, if you can see the name of the incoming officers for the designated period appropriately in the Name Colum.Even after the registration of the officers, it is possible to change the information with [REPLACE].

* In case of the replacement of any officers during the term, please update the name of the new officer as soon as possible from [REPLACE].

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