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Vol. 26 (November 15, 2021)
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Announcement from Program Quality Director
TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute)
Club Energizing Program

Announcement from Club Growth Director
Event Report: “Club Re-energizing Workshop”

Announcement from Global Liaison Team
Let’s Join Club Overseas!


Announcement from Program Quality Director

TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute)

Hi, fellow Toastmasters. TLI is coming soon!

Once again, we would like to inform you of the registration forms as follows.

TLI Registration Form

Please register for your participation by Google Form as below at least 3 days in advance.

TLI Registration

This year, we have adopted the TLI format recommended by Toastmasters International. A part of COT sessions such as educational sessions will be opened to all members of District 76.

TLI is the abbreviation of Toastmasters Leadership Institute.

TLI website

We would like to inform you about the outline of each session of TLI from the following button.

TLI website

Club Energizing Program

We would like to announce “Club Energizing Program” again!

Event period: From 2021, July 1st to 2022, April 30th (10 months)

As you can see from the contents, it is not so difficult. (You may have already achieved it in a regular meeting)

1) Complete 3 roles (Ah counter, Timer, Grammarian)

2) Complete a 2 roles (Speaker, Evaluator))

3) Complete Topics Master

Please feel free to download the form now!

It is fun and easy to workout, easy to reach the award. Fill in the roles and dates you had taken at the meeting or the event.

Announcement from Club Growth Director

Event Report: “Club Re-energizing Workshop”

Nearly 80 Toastmasters, including those who want to re-energize their clubs and those who want to support it, participated in this special event held on Sunday, October 24th.

TM Hideo Temma, Club Retention Chair this year, conducted the event and TM Nori Kobori, who is active as a club coach, shared the strategies and tips gained from his experience at Yokohama Ni Hao TMC and Tsukuba Starlight TMC. The event was very informative and also provided the opportunity for participants to actively exchange ideas on approaches to prospective members and special club events.

After the event, some clubs have already found a club coach and started the appointing process. Also, a new “D76 Club Re-energizing Group” has been launched on Facebook, and information exchange has started. Please join the group if you are interested.

** Please actively participate in the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) starting on Sunday, November 28th. I’m sure that you can get a lot of hints to liven up your club.

Announcement from Global Liaison Team

Let’s Join Club Overseas!

“Let’s join club overseas! Let’s get Japanese clubs from overseas to join us!”
(This event will be held in Japanese)

With the COVID-19 situation, about 80% of Toastmasters club meetings in the world are held online. You can join clubs anywhere in the world through the Internet even when you are in Japan.

Why don’t you take this opportunity as a new chance to visit a club overseas?

Many TMC members joined in the clubs overseas as dual members. I also have visited many clubs overseas and joined a club in Canada.

In addition, there are Japanese language TMCs in foreign countries.

When I was not confident with my English, I joined a bilingual club in a foreign country where I could use Japanese and English. A number of members in the U.S. who learn Japanese have visited the bilingual club as guests.

▼Meeting Contents

[How to find an overseas club!]

Sunday, November 28, 2021 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm!

We will invite three speakers!

  • A member who is involved in clubs overseas triggered by the pandemic
  • A member who has a dual membership with a club in China
  • A member who lives in the US and is a member of a bilingual Japanese club

They will also introduce the way to find clubs overseas by using Easy Speak, FB, Meetup, Secret Google Sites, etc..

*This event will be held in Japanese.

▼ Registration


(deadline: 18:00 JST (GMT +9) Saturday, 27 November)

We will send the URL for the meeting and other information to the registerers.

▼ Organized by

Global Liaison Team of Toastmasters Club Japan (District 76)

▼ Inquiries

Ai Isobe, Project Leader, Global Liaison Team, District 76, Japan

Please contact:

We look forward to meeting you!

(From Editor)

The next volume of The District 76 Times will be around November 15, 2021.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, 2021-2022 District 76 Administration Manager

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