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District Director will send a message to all members later by the mailing list.


Announcements from Program Quality Director

Naoki Yoshino, Program Quality Director


Thank you so much for your continued support this year.
Although we had some difficulties due to COVID-19, I enjoyed new learning opportunities by utilizing online. Wishing you and your family health and happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)/COT2

Please visit the D76 official website to confirm the schedule.

TLI/COT2 Schedule

2001 World Champion of Public speaking Mr. Darren Lacroix will present the workshop “Unforgettable Presentation on 17th January in Division H TLI. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Division H TLI Registration

Moments of Truth

As of now, 28 clubs have submitted Moments of Truth. Particularly 3 clubs out of 4 clubs have done in Area 11 and Area 84. I sincerely appreciate TM Chia-huei and TM Mori’s leadership as Area Directors.

“Moments of Truth” is one of very useful tools to assess your club and improve the club quality. Although it’s not mandatory, I’d like to encourage all clubs to conduct Moments of Truth and submit it by 31st December, which is also one of criteria to achieve Excellent Quality Club Award (one submission / club).

MOT Submission Form

Japanese Materials for Moments of Truth

English Materials for Moments of Truth

Clubs that have already submitted MOT

Thank you for your cooperation

Area Club Website
A11 Sendai Lunch Speakers Website
A11 Sendai Dynamic Speakers Website
A11 Sendai Toastmasters Club Website
A13 Gunma Toastmasters Club Website
A14 Saitama Debate Toastmasters Club Website
A15 Saitama Toastmasters Club Website
A17 Akabane Bilingual Toastmasters Club Website
B23 Nakano Toastmasters Club Website
B24 Aoyama Lunch Toastmasters Club Website
C33 La Voce Toastmasters Club Flier
C35 Tokyo American Club Website
D42 Makuhari Bayside Toastmasters Club Website
D44 Tokyo Phoenix Toastmasters Club Website
E51 Yokohama Ni Hao Toastmasters Club Website
E51 One-World Toastmasters Club Website
E52 Minatomirai Toastmasters Club Website
E54 Yokohama Frontier Toastmasters Club Website
E54 Mikasa Toastmasters Club Website
F65 Kobe Toastmasters Club Website
G71 Tokushima Toastmasters Club Website
G73 Aki Toastmasters Club Website
G73 Hiroshima Toastmasters Club Website
G74 Momiji Toastmasters Club Website
H81 Shimonoseki Toastmasters Club Website
H81 Oita Toastmasters Club Website
H84 Miyazaki Toastmasters Club Website
H84 Nakakyusyu Toastmasters Club Website
H84 Kagoshima Toastmasters Club Website

Education and Fantastic Five Awards (2020.11.30)

Congratulations for achieving the awards! All the best for your future endeavors.

D76 Website PQD Awards

Program Quality Committee(Award Chair): TM Yuki Kobayashi

Evaluation Festival

Thank you for your participation in the Evaluation Festival. You can refer to good examples of other members’ evaluations on the website.

Evaluation Festival
Leader: TM Kazuyuki Hosaka, English Chair: TM Emi Maruyama
Committee Member: TM Tomoko Uehira, TM Yumiko Otsuka

Announcements from Club Growth Director

Satomi Matoba, Club Growth Director


The first half of this term is flying away. It was a challenging time for most of us since many clubs were suffered from membership drop due to COVID-19. However I was amazed by our members’ energy and creativity demonstrated through an alley of online events they organized to explore new possibilities.

Now we are getting use to online meetings and I can see a slight sign of membership recovery. The number of new members joining existing clubs in our district per a month has returned to normal since October. I hope the resilience we cultivated this year will provide a springboard for a leap in the New Year.

Thank you so much for your strong support as ever. I wish you all wonderful holidays and very happy New Year.

Online Events


December 27, 15:00-17:30 Toastmasters Café

~Is your club meeting good enough to invite your friends?~

This is a world café event (in Japanese) hosted by Division D with special guests; TM Masako Kuroda, TM Taka Miyawaki, and TM Tomohide Oshima. All members are welcome.

Information and Application

December 27, 20:00- Club PR on SNS (in Japanese)

This is a web seminar on club promotion, facilitated by TM Erika Nakazato (Division A Club Growth).

Event page (FACEBOOK)


Open-House Extended to March 31st

Open-House project is now extended to March 31st.

New and second entries are invited. Clubs don’t need to provide a guest application form any longer. There is no requirement of minimal number of guests to hold an open house.

Date, time, and venue information are sufficient to register a meeting. Since we advertise a list of Open-House meetings I strongly recommend all clubs to get their meetings listed as soon as possible to maximize the number of participants.

Please send your club’s Open-House information to your Area Director, who is in charge of registration.

District 76 Website of Open-House



Open-House Resources

Flier template

Presentation slides

Press release template

+5 Membership Campaign

(See this PDF for +5 Membership Campaign)

First 5 Award

Gift certificates for the TI shop will be presented to the first five clubs that won a +5 Award.

[Class of clubs with 13 members or more]

4th Place A11 Sendai Dynamic Speakers

Congratulations on a fantastic growth of membership from 20 to 25!

[Class of clubs with 13 members or more]

5th Place H83 Dazaifu Club

Congratulations on an amazing increase of membership from 16 to 22!

Announcements from Public Relations Manager

Chris Cooper, Public Relations Manager

Club Promotion Video Contest Results!

Thank you to all the club who participated in the Club Promotion Video Contest.

A lot of effort, time and thought went into creating the videos and the committee was very impressed with the high quality of the submissions. I’m happy to announce that we decided to present an additional award for the best video in District 76 in addition to the Division and most viewed video categories.

Division Best Video

  • Division A – Musashi Urawa Toastmasters Club
  • Division B – Matsumoto Toastmasters Club
  • Division C – Tokyo American Club Toastmasters Club
  • Division D – Kashiwa Advanced Toastmasters Club
  • Division E – Fujisawa Bilingual Toastmasters Club
  • Division F – Tottori Toastmasters Club
  • Division G – No submissions
  • Division H – SASEBO FA Toastmasters Club
  • Division I – Tokyo bilingual Toastmasters Club
  • Division J – Tokai Toastmasters Club

Most View Video

Tokai Toastmasters Club (18 likes & 249 views)

District 76 Best Video

Fujisawa Bilingual Toastmasters Club

Congratulations to all the winners! The winner of each category will get a $50 voucher to use at the Toastmasters International online shop.

The winning videos will also be added to the District 76 YouTube Channel, so you’ll be able to see them there. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to the YouTube channel yet please do to get notifications of a whole range of videos that are being added.

District 76 YouTube Channel

Notably, there were five club videos that have already achieved more than 100 views since last month, which is great promotion for the club.

Thank you to everyone who took part and from the PR team we wish you a successful new years with many new guests to reward your efforts.

YouTube Interview Series

Check out the latest interview video with former District Governor Kiminari Azuma, who tells us about his life-changing moment when he stepped outside the comfort of his new Toastmasters club and attended the Japan Annual Speech Contest.

That helped spur him to compete and led him all the way to the International Speech semifinals in Phoenix, Arizona, where his jokes didn’t go as planned. See more here,

Toastmasters Kiminari Azuma Interview

(From Editor)

The next volume will be issued on January 15, 2021 as a combined volume 10-11.

Best wishes for the new year.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, Administration Manager 2020-2021
Contact address

Upcoming Events

  1. Division A Speech Contest

    April 18th
  2. Division C Speech Contest

    April 18th
  3. Division G Speech Contest

    April 18th
  4. Division J Speech Contest

    April 18th
  5. Division F Speech Contest

    April 18th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  6. Division B Speech Contest

    April 25th
  7. DEC#5

    May 2nd1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  8. DCM#2

    May 16th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  9. District-level Speech Contest (Japanese)

    May 22nd1:00 PM~4:00 PM
  10. District-level International Speech Contest (English)

    May 23rd1:00 PM~4:00 PM