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Vol. 6 (November 5, 2020)

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– Demonstrating Toastmasters Value by Open-House!! (2020/11-2021-2)
– Evaluation Festival Starts(11/10-)
– +5/+1 Campaign, Smedley Award Winner, Club Coach Program
– Club Promotion Video Contest(11/1-11/30)
– Twitter Campaign winner

OPEN-HOUSE : Demonstrating Toastmasters Value by Open-House!!

Yusuke Ohashi, District Director

Our District 76 grows in two ways: enlarge a club and create more clubs. District Executive Committee (where District Officers stand) has decided to encourage OPEN-HOUSE meeting from November 2020-Beginning of February 2021.

One of the most successful ways to ‘show and tell’ the value of Toastmasters to potential new members is to host a community open house.

The special “OPEN-HOUSE” meetings are the most often-used formats to cultivate growth. I firmly believe that Toastmasters offers the highest-quality, most cost-effective professional development programs that individuals or companies can “buy.” Show-and-tell efforts like open house meetings or corporate demonstration presentations are persuasive ways to highlight this.


What Is OPEN-HOUSE Meeting

  • A special Toastmasters meeting is held for the intent of recruiting new members. An event that is not a Toastmasters meeting does not have the same impact as putting on a high-quality meeting, possibly with a featured speaker and refreshments to attract guests.
  • Simply the purpose is to set the showcase, demonstrating the benefits of Toastmasters and how improved skills can transfer to the world outside Toastmasters. Please make sure that abundant marketing and clever advertising is essential to get a successful and epic one.

Area Director Contact You


Area Directors will coordinate for holding your OPEN-HOUSE, asking whether you would like to hold in Area-level or in your club-level. (approximate minimum sizing for guests, club levels six guests), Area levels 15 guests)


Our Team Enforce You


This wonderful initiative will be enforced by our Integrated Marketing team and PR to enhance our awareness and show our superior value in the market. These sets of initiatives will be followed by TLI and Contests, which can also mesmerize potential guests and have a more effective way to attract.


Grow Membership


After working hard to market and run your open house, some guests may join right away while others may want to come back and experience another meeting. There’s no better feeling than when a visitor says, “Here’s my application. I can’t wait to get started!”



We Start Evaluation Festival

Naoki Yoshino, Program Quality Director

Dear Toastmasters,

I’m happy to announce that we will start the evaluation festival on 10th November.
Please visit the website and give the speakers positive and educational feedbacks!
Let’s improve our evaluation skills together!

【Evaluation Festival Website】


Message from Evaluation Festival Committee Chair TM Kazuyuki Hosaka

Dear District 76 members

Hello, this is Hosaka, Chairperson of the Evaluation Festival Organizing Committee. The Evaluation Festival will begin on 10th November.

We will have wonderful opportunities such as writing evaluations, and learning from many written evaluations by other Toastmasters to improve our evaluation skills.

Some members have kindly agreed to be the test speakers and are looking forward to receiving positive feedbacks from all of you.

We have five speakers for Season 1 from 10th November 10 through 23rd November as follows.

  • TM Fumiya Matsunaga (Japanese), TM Yuka Tezuka (Japanese)
  • TM Mitsunori Ota (English), TM Noriko Watanabe (English), TM Shifan Mirshad (English)

Please visit the following web page and write your evaluations form 10th November.

The Web page of the Review Festival:

We have the link on the top page of the District.

We are looking forward to your evaluations!


Announcements from Club Growth Director

Satomi Matoba, Club Growth Director

Dear all,

As mentioned in the message of District Director Ohashi, we are going to hold a nation-wide Open House event in order to increase the degree of recognition of Toastmasters in Japan.

Some people may not familiar with the term open house, but just like an open campus for colleges, it means a day when schools and institutions are open to public viewing. Open House club meeting includes an introduction of Toastmasters and that of the unique character and charm of the club. So, the whole event would look like a big fair of clubs and I hope all clubs take advantage of this event to rediscover their strength and express it in a festive atmosphere.

If a club can design a fantastic meeting that all club members desire to invite their dearest friends to attend, I believe the club will grow and be stimulated. I also believe that this event can make a big impact to improve the visibility of our organization if all 218 clubs work together. I will deeply appreciate your active participation and support for this very important event.

<Open House Resources>


+5/+1 Campaign

Webpage Release

The pages of +5 and +1 campaigns with award recognitions are now released on the District 76 official website. Click below to applaud the shining winners.


YouTube Video Update: Interview with the Leaders of the Most Growing Clubs

Watch this video recording of an interview program with the top three winner clubs of the First 5 Award and find out the secrets of their successes.

One-World TMC is committed to international exchange, Yokohama Ni Hao TMC is proud of operating purely in Chinese with an excellent support system for Chinese learners, and Miyazaki TMC is finally blooming after surviving long hard winter. Their stories and philosophies are inspiring. Highly recommended.

(If the video does not appear, please click here.


Smedley Award

This is one of the three annual TI membership building programs for clubs, and it recognizes the clubs that gained five members in the months of August and September. Congratulations!

The next program Talk Up Toastmasters will take place in February and March.

Click below for more details:



Club Coach Program

“My club lost many members. How can we regain membership?” If this is your concern, please watch these YouTube videos.

An Introduction to Club Coach Program: Rebuilding Nakameguro Yamanote TMC (in Japanese)

A Story of Club Rebuilders -Successful Club Coaches and Revival of Organization- (in Japanese)


Please do not hesitate to contact your Area Director to discuss club coach appointment for your club. We will appreciate it if you could answer the questionnaire below.
Club Coach Questionnaire Form

Any volunteers to help rebuilding struggling clubs as a club coach? If you have much experience of running a club, or have expertise in certain areas such as prepared speech or evaluation, please submit a coach application form below.
Club Coach Application Form


The Club Promotion Video Contest Has Started!

Chris Cooper, PR Manager

The Club Promotion Video Contest

If you’ve never made a video before don’t worry. We held a successful workshop with more than 100 participants last month sharing tips on how to make videos, including simple slideshow videos made with just club photos. The presentations have been shared with Club Presidents and VPEs to help you and give you some ideas.

To participate make a short 30-60 second video promoting your club and post it on your club home page or social media – for example YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – and send a link with your name and club to

The goal is to make a video that shows what is special about your club and help attract more members. The deadline is Nov. 30 and one submission will be accepted per club.


  • The top video from each Division will win a $50 voucher to use at the Toastmasters International online shop.
  • In addition, the top videos will be displayed on the District 76 YouTube channel
  • There will also be one $50 voucher special prize for the Club Video in District 76 with the most likes and views.


The video can be in a photo slideshow format (such as Animoto) or a regular video (using software such as iMovie for Mac or software compatible with PCs or mobile phones). It must be to promote a specific club.


YouTube Interview Series

We are doing more interviews for the District 76 YouTube channel. Check out the latest video from former District Governor Kazuko Kawauchi, who recalls how members were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Ted Agatsuma, who shares his experience of making a new club and becoming an international emcee,

Watch Toastmaster Kazuko Kawauchi here,
How Toastmasters Overcame the Great East Japan Earthquake – Kazuko Kawauchi

See Ted Agatsuma here,
Japan Toastmaster to International Emcee in the U.S. and Australia – Ted Agatsuma

We also have videos from former District Directors Kiminari Azuma and Kyoko Kitamura coming up.

Subscribe to the District 76 YouTube channel here to get updates when videos are posted,
Toastmasters Japan YouTube Channel


Naka-no-hito (Social media manager) Winners

Arata Doi, Integrated Advertising Manager

Twitter Campaign “Let’s Become a Naka-no-hito (Social media manager)! 1st period results!
(Application Period:9/28~10/20 Measurement Period:9/28~10/31)

We have received submissions from many clubs during the above application period.
We are pleased to announce the top three contributors.

The following prizes will be awarded to the top three contributors’ clubs (designated clubs at the time of submission).

★Prize: $10.00 Gift Certificate to be used on Toastmasters International’s website.

We will contact the clubs individually to ask about the shipping method and timing.

The winners were selected based on the number of impressions per tweet (how many people saw it), not the number of “likes” or “retweets”.

The number of engagements (エンゲージメント総数) increases with the frequency that the posted image or link is clicked. For this reason, the number of engagements of posts with images and links tends to be higher. So we have decided to rank the contributors based on the number of impressions.

[The first place] Impressions: 705

[The second place] Impressions: 621

[The third place] Impressions: 582

[Other Popular Tweets]

The following tweets also got high impressions. We hope that you will use it as a reference for future applications.


Naka-no-hito Application Form

We are accepting your application for Naka-no-hito. Please register your tweet and image by the following application form:
* Login to Google account is required.

[Application period]

  • 1st period: 9/28 – 10/20
  • 2nd period: 10/21 – 11/20
  • 3rd period: 11/21 – 12/20
  • 4th period: 12/21 – 1/20
  • 5th period: 1/21 – 2/20
  • 6th period: 2/21 – 3/20
  • 7th period: 3/21 – 4/20

The results will be announced in the newsletter distributed by District76 of the following month.


(From Editor)

The next volume will be issued on November 20.

Hirohiko Kashiwagi, Administration Manager, 2020-2021
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