The D76 News Letter vol.7


News From District Director

Happy New Year! How was last year for you? For me, thanks to all the support from everyone it has been a fabulous year. I hope it has been a fantastic year for you as well. To make a year even better, I bet you are thinking about making a New Year`s Resolution, if you have not made one already. But, most people don`t success. In fact, most give up on them by February.  Why is that?

It is not because they are SMART Goals. A big reason is that most don`t even think of the process of how to achieve the goal. How do you expect to achieve your goal? What steps are you going to take? How will you know you got there? These are the things we all need to consider. While not everything will go according to plan, at least having one gives you something to work from.

Another big reason is that they do not account for the fact there will be time when they will get tired, or feel not motivated, or whatever other bad possibilities that could occur. The question becomes what you plan to do make sure you move forward even if your motivation is low. What do you plan to do when you feel that you do not have the time to do it? 

So, the next time you set goals, also create a simple plan and also consider that thing will go wrong just as often as they will go well. Plan for what you will do in the face of them and your Toastmaster Year will be so much better.  Here is to your best year ever!

News from Program Quality Director

Area Contests, Division Contests

The schedule and places are decided. Please check it.


News from Club Growth Director

A. Introduction of New Charter Club

In December, we have four clubs chartered.

  • Division C Area 33 7640559 12/03/2019 Mizuho Toastmasters A
  • Division F Area 63 6784340 12/18/2019 OSAKA ROMAN
  • Division D Area 44 7640872 12/23/2019 Mizuho Toastmasters D
  • Division A Area 16 7703897 12/24/2019 Tokyo Nihao Toastmasters Club


Chartered December 2019、Osaka city’s first Japanese language Toastmasters Club.


With a multicultural membership (from USA, Italy, China and Japan), our meetings overflow with humor and fun as we laugh and learn together.

We aim for a high standard in our club and meetings-so that members can bring what they learn in our meetings out into their lives.

We look forward to playing our part in the Toastmaster’s community!

Please let me join in welcoming our new friends!

B. New Trend in Corporate Clubs

In December, the corporate clubs have also started engaging with clubs in their areas. For example, Mizuho Toastmasters C have started planning to hold joint meeting with Omotesando (Tozai) club. New corporate clubs are eager to join in their area activities such as COT, Area Contest and even TLI, just like the active corporate clubs such as Big Tree Toastmasters Club, Amazon Japan Toastmasters Club and Caterpillar Akashi Toastmasters Club. Let’s take a ride on this momentum together with new clubs and have a leap.

Charter activities are here. Demo meeting information is shared.

Small room for corporate club charter

D76 Corporate Club Gathering

C. Traditional Education Certification

The application window for Traditional Education Certification will be closed by June 30th, 2020. No exception will be accepted. Please plan your achievements well to be certified within this term. Especially, application process for ALS is complicated. Please be noted as below.

  1. For whom planning to apply with District Officer role this term, you need to apply the certification via direct email to Education Program team.
  2. For whom planning to apply for HPL (LDREXC), please let me recommend you to complete your project as early as possible so that you can achieve the credit by May 31st.
  3. For whom planning to achieve Successful Club Coach, please satisfy the requirements by the end of May. You need to apply the certification via direct email to Education Program team.
  4. For who have been appointed as Club Mentor, only the club mentors of the clubs chartered by December 30th, 2019, are eligible to apply for ALS. The mentors for the clubs chartered in December need to apply the certification via direct email to Education Program team.
  5. For who have been appointed as Club Sponsor, please let me recommend you to complete the charter submission by May end. Practically we need to submit the charter certification by early June, otherwise we cannot be in time for the DTM credit in the traditional education program. In June, you need to apply the certification via direct email to Education Program team.
  6. For Pathways Guide/Lead, you may already have your credits and if you have not confirmed, please reach Education Program team.

The file attached guides you to know how to submit the traditional education awards. Please download this for your reference.

D. Club Coach opportunities

22 clubs are now eligible to appoint their club coaches. By June end, 2020, we have a special opportunity to have double credits for District Officer and Successful Club Coach Certification. This will be your great advantage to earn DTM certification.

Still we have six months to go and it is a good chance to consider to work as a Club Coach this term.

E. Radio program start in Tokai again!

Toastmasters, Japan presents “Hello! Toastmasters” are on air in Kansai and Tokai area in January.

FM Chu-O

On the second and third Sunday at 11:00am-11:15am in January.

How to listen:FM radio at 78.1MHz in Osaka.

Other areas except for Osaka, you can listen by

FM plapla 

Simul Radio

FM Chu-O website promotes Toastmasters widely in public.

FM Kusatsu

On the second and fourth Saturday at 17:00pm-17:15pm in January.

How to listen:FM radio at 78.5MHz in Kusatsu.

Other areas except for Kusatsu, you can listen by

Simul Radio 

FM Kusatsu will also broadcast 40 second CM promoting Shiga TMC, Kyoto TMC and Kyoto Karasuma TMC on every Friday since November 1st at 11:58am and 14:58pm.

And they will also promote Toastmasters on their website and live on-air.


4th, 18th January 2020 from 13:00 to 13:15

1st, 15th February 2020 from 13:00 to 13:15

You can listen to the program featuring Toastmasters’ education programs and Kasugai Toastmasters Club, Nagoya Toastmasters Club, Sakae Toastmasters Club, Tokai Toastmasters Club, Meieki Central Toastmasters Club, Tokai Business Toastmasters Club, Kotonoha Toastmasters Club by tuning in to MID FM (76.1MHz) in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture or downloading apps on the homepage of MID FM.

FM Toyota

11th, 25th January 2020 from 8: 30 to 8:45

8th, 22th February 2020 from 8: 30 to 8:45

You can listen to the program featuring Toastmasters’ education programs and Toyota Friendship Toastmasters Club by tuning in to FM Toyota (78.6MHz) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture or downloading apps on the homepage of FM Toyota.

Don’t miss it!

F. Digital Marketing Program

The promotion measures for TLI scheduled to be held on 1/19 for non-toastmasters have started.

If you know someone who is interested in TLI, please send the following non-toastmasters exclusive application site.

G. How about shining as a Webpage designer?

We are looking for new digital marketing team member who have skills to create web pages in WordPress and can help with web page creation for support club member acquisition.

If you can cooperate, please contact us at the address below.

Arata Doi

Digital Marketing Manager 2019-2020, District76, Region14

Upcoming Events

  1. Division B Speech Contest

    April 25th
  2. DEC#5

    May 2nd1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  3. DCM#2

    May 16th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  4. District-level Speech Contest (Japanese)

    May 22nd1:00 PM~4:00 PM
  5. District-level International Speech Contest (English)

    May 23rd1:00 PM~4:00 PM