The D76 News Letter vol.6


News From District Director

If someone created a new Toastmasters club near one that you were a part of how would you feel? Excited? Worried? Indifferent? Some people would be thrilled that there is a new club and welcome a new group to the family. Others would be concerned. Perhaps worried that the new club would cause fewer people to come to their own club.
This is a reasonable concern, but also what some would call a “scarcity” mindset. A feeling that there is only a few to go around and no room for future growth. Is that the kind of feeling we really want in our clubs?

But, sometimes that is hard to support a new club that is too close. I know first-hand. Many years ago, I wanted to build a new club in a fairly populous city. It would be the first Japanese club in that area. There was already one English club there. I thought that there would be no problem with one more club, the day was different, the time was different, and after all, it is in a city with more people than Tottori Prefecture. But, the club president of the English club at the time was not in favor of it at all. I received a scathing email about how dare I start a club in “his” territory.

To prevent a fight, it was suggested that I move the club to a neighboring city. I did that. But at the same time, I noticed that there was another person starting an English club in the very same city at the very same time. This city was smaller than the first one. But there was a major difference. The sponsor of the other club was very welcoming.

You would think that a person who has to work hard to get new guests every time would be even more against the start of a new club, in “his” territory. If fact, both the club he started and the club I started eventually successfully charted and are still healthy clubs to this day. In fact, the welcoming sponsor of the new English clubs charted faster than mine.

I think this just shows how powerful a welcoming positive and growth mindset is important to our clubs and for the future growth of Toastmasters in Japan. In this day and age, it is natural to be concerned since in some places there are fewer guests coming and there are few members before. But remember that not even 0.01% of the adult population in Japan are Toastmasters. There is still a huge potential out there. We just need to go a grab it. In fact, the more clubs there are there more that people will come across the Toastmasters name. The more that hear about Toastmasters the easier it will be to get the word out. Which means more guests and thus more members.

I feel we should be supportive of each and every try to build a new Toastmasters club and to support each and everyone in achieving greater self-confidence and personal growth through their Toastmaster activities. So, the next time someone asks for your help in with a new club, please help out and make Toastmasters in Japan a stronger growing community.

News from Program Quality Director

TLToastmasters Leadership Institute
event in Tokyo on 2020/1/19(Sun)

This is the announcement for TLI: Toastmasters Leadership Institute event in Tokyo on 2020/1/19(Sun).

As explained in DCM#1, District Newsletter November edition and Area Directors sharing, we will have the very first attempt to held educational events around Japan. In pre-session, our programs got a high reputation and went successful. Please join the event and stay tuned.

1. TLI Flyer

2. Our focus

     In order to maximize Membership experience, Make sure what real benefits and values members can gain, how we can make it possible by toastmaster experience and how we can re-engineer and navigate more effectively through the process and leverage the learning experience

  • Analyze world-class speaker’s techniques 
  • Craft Pathways unique value by identifying exactly the essence in the perspective of 11paths, 11angles

3. Target: 

    No Admission Fee (*Party fee excluded), Roll-out for all Divisions

  • TLI: Club officers + Club members + Guests
  • COT: Club officers

4. Registration for TOKYO TLI/COT(Division BCDEI)

  Please register from the following link by December 21(Sat) 23:59 JST
  • In case that we have more entry than venue capacity, we will consider the additional session
  • Confirmation for registration will be sent by the end of December
  • This form is for Toastmasters members (Not for guests)

News from Club Growth Director

A. Introduction of New Charter Club

Four clubs have submitted chartering in November, 2019

  • 2019/11/30 Mizuho Toastmasters Club B (7640742) Division I Area 91 – Otemachi
  • 2019/11/30 Mizuho Toastmasters Club C (7640852) Division C Area 32 – Uchisaiwaicho
  • 2019/11/30 Mizuho Toastmasters Club E (7640895) Division B Area 25 – Ochanomizu

Please let me join in welcoming our new friends!

B. Corporate Clubs are in momentum

In November, Mizuho financial group submitted 4 clubs. In December, Astellas pharma is proceeding to be chartered. Nissan starts preparation for their demo meetings. Multiple Gaishikei companies in Tokyo Midtown are starting discussion for toastmasters activities.

Now the time has changed. The time is matured. It is the great timing to start considering corporate clubs to collaborate. For example, Mr. Hidekatsu Take, Executive officer, Head of Asia Oceania, lived in New York when he was 36 years old. Just in front of his apartment room, toastmasters club meeting had been held. He was so impressed by the Toastmasters activities and he tried to establish a club in Mizuho after coming back to Japan. However, at that time, time is not matured. He had a wish to have a toastmasters club in his future. And finally, after many long years passed, this year his wish exploded into reality.

Astellas Pharma is also the same. It has been four years since they have started activities for a club establishment. Their wishes are blooming now.

In the past, we have experienced some controversial matters in corporate club establishment. However, we have learned. We have sorted out our knowhows how to establish corporate clubs effectively.

New corporate clubs have full of hope. They want to join our District76 networking. They are open to coming TLI, contests and COTs.

Hoping you will see the changes.

Charter activities are here. Demo meeting information is shared.

Small room for corporate club charter

D76 Corporate Club Gathering

C. Club Sponsor and Club Mentor

Club sponsor responsibilities:

– Build membership to 20
– Submit Application to Organize a Toastmasters Club and charter fee
-Assist club in electing officers, adopting a club constitution, and submitting charter forms
– Schedule charter presentation meeting

Club mentor responsibilities:

– Club mentors guide for six to 12 months
– Ensure officers understand duties
– Maintain membership strength
– Explain Toastmasters education program and DCP

Club Sponsor and Club Mentor certification continue to be part of conditions to become DTM in Pathways education program. If you want to serve as a club Sponsor or Club Mentor, please reach CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

The following Facebook group exchanges information in club chartering. If you are interested, please feel free to join us.

D. Club Coach opportunities

One new club coach has been appointed. She will support the clubs to increase the members and guide them to achieve the Education Award.

TM Takae Konno for Tozai Toastmasters Club (Division C)

25 clubs are now eligible to appoint their club coaches. It is a great chance to become a Club Coach for increasing membership in existing clubs.

Club Coach certification continues to be a condition to become DTM in Pathways education program. If you want to serve as a club coach, please reach CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

E. Radio program start in Tokai again!

Fellow Toastmasters,

Toastmasters, Japan presents “Hello! Toastmasters” starting from December in Tokai area again!

Air Dates


7th, 21th December 2019 from 13:00 to 13:15
4th, 18th January 2020 from 13:00 to 13:15
1st, 15th February 2020 from 13:00 to 13:15

You can listen to the program featuring Toastmasters’ education programs and Kasugai Toastmasters Club, Nagoya Toastmasters Club, Sakae Toastmasters Club, Tokai Toastmasters Club, Meieki Central Toastmasters Club, Tokai Business Toastmasters Club, Kotonoha Toastmasters Club by tuning in to MID FM (76.1MHz) in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture or downloading apps on the homepage of MID FM.

FM Toyota

14th, 28th December 2019 from 8: 30 to 8:45
11th, 25th January 2020 from 8: 30 to 8:45
8th, 22th February 2020 from 8: 30 to 8:45

 You can listen to the program featuring Toastmasters’ education programs and Toyota Friendship Toastmasters Club by tuning in to FM Toyota (78.6MHz) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture or downloading apps on the homepage of FM Toyota.

Don’t miss it!

F. Digital Marketing Program

We have started web advertising measures in November.
About 10 guest prospective users per day are sent to some of the club sites via web ads. Additionally, we will start accepting applications for information posted on club introduction page at second time soon.

G. How about shining as a Webpage designer?

We are looking for new digital marketing team member who have skills to create web pages in WordPress and can help with web page creation for support club member acquisition.

If you can cooperate, please contact us at the address below.

Arata Doi

Digital Marketing Manager 2019-2020, District76, Region14

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