The D76 News Letter vol.5


News From District Director

What do you think is a key to becoming a great speaker? Is it practicing a lot? Maybe. Is it just attending a meeting and getting some feedback? That depends. If you look at the speaking champions across Japan in Toastmasters, you will notice they all come from dynamic clubs with members with a positive attitude to helping each other learn. Learning and practicing in that environment is an important key to becoming a great speaker. The question is how about your club?

Is your club healthy and dynamic or stuck in the same meeting pattern for years? A club is a living thing. It is either living or dying. If new members do not come into the club, it will naturally die. People will leave because their workplace changed, they graduated, or even because they got a baby. There could be many reasons. But it is only natural that few will leave in any given year. So, any club will need to get new members to make up the loss.

If it is more than a few. Then there may be a different problem. Sometimes, the meetings are not providing much value to the members, sometimes it is some personal trouble between members. Sometimes it something completely different. The question is do you know why and what will you do about it?

Recently, I have been asking people to look at their clubs and consider what is the problem standing in the way towards growth. There usually two basic issues. 1) Not enough guests becoming members. 2) Not enough members renewing.

The first is a marketing and conversion problem. The second is a meeting and member quality problem. Do you know why these problems occur? There are many different reasons. You need to take a hard look at your club to figure out what the real problem is. It may be one problem, or it may be a couple.

But I will say, that the reason any club, does not grow is NOT that there, not enough guests. I know many people say that and probably think that. But ask yourself, if there are not enough guests why is that the case? What are you doing about it?

In many cases, many clubs do nothing other than updating their website a little. Many club members leave all the work to the VPPR and hope people come. I think that these days this is not enough. And the fact that membership in many clubs is declining shows it.

The question is what are you committed to doing about it? Because if you do not change what you are doing you will always get what you are getting. Is that working for you now? It probably isn`t. So, do something different.

News from Program Quality Director

TLI (District events all over your Division: 2020/JanFeb)

District76 is going to hold the very first TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) event all over Japan. As presented in DCM#1, educational sessions aimed for leadership and communication growth will be conducted. LET’S MOVE FORWARDS THE BIGGER GOAL.

TLI slogan:Elevate Your Global Talent Within


  • This is the attempt to maximize toastmaster’s membership experience for global leaders 1) to demystify the process of creating a powerful speech 2) to utilize Pathways more strategically to achieve growth through membership experience
  • District holds TLI all over Japan (Not just in Tokyo or one major city)
  • No Attendance fee, aimed for all toastmasters members and guests, aimed for inner branding and marketing. COT#2 will be a part of TLI, which means the length of club officer training will be shorten


Detail announcement:

  • Agenda, Entry form will be distributed in the late of November to December


  • Toastmasters members will attend your Division’s TLI
  • Available seats are limited, but sessions will be recorded and publicized online
  • Volunteers(Event Team, Guest Liaison Team, PR Team, General Affairs Team), and specialists for video-editing are always welcomed

News from Club Growth Director

A. Introduction of New Charter Club

Two club has been newly chartered in October, 2019

2019/10/03 Fujitsu Toastmasters(7154742)Division I Area95

The Fujitsu Toastmasters Club received its official club charter in October, 2019 after 25 demonstration meetings. The club is open to all Fujitsu Group employees as well as members of the general public. We practice public speaking in order to develop confidence in our communication and leadership skills, in a very friendly and supportive environment. Most members are new to Toastmasters, and we frequently invite outside guests from nearby clubs to help us learn best practices for moving our club forward. We currently hold two meetings each month, one in Musashi Nakahara and one in Kamata. About half of our members are Japanese and the other half are of various nationalities. Our members have diverse backgrounds, both in terms of international living experiences and diverse professional working experiences. This provides for very interesting content in the speeches and conversations that are shared during our meetings. Each meeting provides new learning opportunities, and leadership skill practice. We welcome anyone interested in attending a meeting, and look forward to your visit.

2019/10/13 Atami Yugawara Bilingual Toastmasters Club (7551005) Division E

Literally a community club quickly chartered as a toastmaster club. This club is established among the existing community in Atami-Yugawara area to synchronize with the vision of Toastmasters International. Led by strong leaders, this community formed as a club and started their journey.

Please let me join in welcoming our new friends!

B. Growing Corporate Clubs

Currently we have fewer resources who can support establishing corporate clubs due to immediate surge. We dare to have more supporters, especially club sponsors and club mentors, who can be certified as DTM. Could you please raise your hands if you can support their chartering process?

Mailto: CGD Matsuda

Charter activities are here. Demo meeting information is shared.

Small room for corporate club charter

D76 Corporate Club Gathering

C. Information exchange in establishing clubs

In October, we had six new prospective club applications. Toastmasters are consistently establishing clubs and most of the cases, they need knowledge and experiences in terms of how to gather members, how to hold demo meetings, and how to submit the charter documents. The following Facebook group exchanges information in club chartering. If you are interested, please feel free to join us.

In addition, please feel free to contact us for consultations in starting up. Upon launching the club, we will send you a small club banner and 150 tri-fold flyers.

Mailto: CGD Matsuda

D. New Club Coaches

One new club coach has been appointed. She will support the clubs to increase the members and guide them to achieve the Education Award.

TM Takae Konno for Tozai Toastmasters Club (Division C)

After October dues closed, many clubs lost the membership 12 or less than 12.
28 clubs are now eligible to appoint their club coaches.
And Club Coach certification continues to be a condition to become DTM in Pathways education program. If you want to serve as a club coach, please
Pathways education program. If you want to serve as a club coach, please reach CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

E. Folded brochure for your club promotion

How about using folded brochure for your club promotion? You can welcome more new members by placing brochures to public facilities near you. Folded brochure is an official Toastmasters material and looks professional. You can promote your club by adding your club information in brochure. Please feel free to contact with CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

F. Speechcraft Guidebook

Speechcraft is now frequently adopted in establishing new clubs and retraining existing education programs. We can share the textbooks of Speechcraft program only for 20 members. In case you need Speechcraft guidebooks, please contact with CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

G. Radio program start!

The radio program “Hello! Toastmasters”, currently broadcasted on FM Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture, will start in the Kansai area from November.

FM Chu-O and FM Kusatsu will start broadcasting “Hello! Toastmasters” in November at last!

FM Chu-O

On the second and third Sunday at 11:00am-11:15am in November, December and January.
How to listen:FM radio at 78.1MHz in Osaka.
Other areas except for Osaka, you can listen by

FM plapla
Simul Radio

FM Chu-O website promotes Toastmasters widely in public.

FM Kusatsu

On the second and fourth Saturday at 17:00pm-17:15pm in November, December and January.
How to listen:FM radio at 78.5MHz in Kusatsu.
Other areas except for Kusatsu, you can listen by

Simul Radio

FM Kusatsu will also broadcast 40 second CM promoting Shiga TMC, Kyoto TMC and Kyoto Krasuma TMC on every Friday since November 1st at 11:58am and 14:58pm.
And they will also promote Toastmasters on their website and live on-air.

H. Digital Marketing Program

The club list page and the club introduction page have been renewed. In the future, we will continue to improve the TOP page, create interview pages, and improve the explanation pages of Toastmasters.

Finally, in order to increase the number of accesses and improve branding, we will implement Web advertisements such as listing advertisements, Facebook advertisements, and Youtube advertisements.

I. How about shining as a Webpage designer?

We are looking for new digital marketing team member who have skills to create web pages in WordPress and can help with web page creation for support club member acquisition.
If you can cooperate, please contact us at the address below.

Arata Doi
Digital Marketing Manager 2019-2020, District76, Region14

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