The D76 News Letter vol.3


News From District Director

What is the mission of your Toastmasters club? Is it just a place to give a speech one time or two times a month? Do you think that is the mission of your club? When I first joined Toastmasters 1998 in Manhattan, Kansas, a small college town in the middle of nowhere, the club president always read the club`s mission before giving his opening remarks. The point of that was to remind all the members why they were here.

So, why are we in a Toastmasters club? What is its mission? Let`s look at what it has to say:

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”

Let`s look at this at each part:

“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience…”

How about you? What are you doing to be supportive of the speakers? Are you showing your smiling face? Are you paying attention? Are you giving the needed reactions?
Also, how are you contributing to make each meeting a positive and learning experience for everyone? What can you do to make each meeting fun for everyone? What could you talk about in a speech that would be interesting for your fellow members? What could you say in evaluations that would help that speaker learn more and improve more? What is that extra step?

“…in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills,…”

So, how about your club? Are you empowering people to do more, be more and also contribute more? It all starts with letting others try new things even if they are not comfortable, to give them room to fail, fall forward and then grow. What could you do to empower more people? Think about it.

“…resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”

This is key. Are the people in your club really growing in self-confidence? Are they growing personally and professionally? How do you know? Do you ask? How much do you talk to them? 

I have to say when I first joined a Toastmasters club in Japan, I was rather surprised that no club ever read the club mission. No one even knew what it was. This may be why a few clubs have lost their way. That would be very sad. I want everyone to be the best they can be and have fun, too.

 So, I ask you, please find the time to put the club mission on your agenda. Maybe even find time to mention it once during the meeting.  But, what is even more important is to make the club mission your own mission.

 Be that person who is supportive. Be that person who provides a positive learning experience. Be that person who empowers others to develop communication and leadership skills. Be that person who creates greater self-confidence in others and encourages others in their journey of personal growth. Do so and you too will find that you have grown and developed more that you could ever imagine.

 Now, please read below for more great information from District 76 and see you next time.



A. Introduction of New Charter Club

Two clubs have been newly chartered in August, 2019.

SMBC Nikko Toastmasters Club (7323653) Division C Area 31  2019/8/8

Fostered by SMBC Nikko Security in Maru Building at Marunouchi, Tokyo, SMBC Nikko Toastmasters club is pursuing to develop public speaking skill in English with the internal employees. Many expats from other countries have joined and all members are enjoying international atmosphere!

Kofu Toastmasters Club (7093754) Division B Area 21 2019/8/12

The first club in Yamanashi Prefecture! The club born in Kofu finally chartered. The local members in Yamanashi will lead the enjoyable activities onward. They pursue to lead the global leadership in Yamanashi Prefecture where globalization is the key focus.


Please let me join in welcoming our new friends!

B. Growing Corporate Clubs

We are focusing on corporate clubs, aiming for a total of 220 clubs this term. Five clubs will be chartered at Mizuho Bank in Otemachi, Uchisaiwaicho and Ochanomizu offices in October. In Morgan Stanley, a corporate club is aiming for the charter in October. Goa Japan in Okayama Prefecture completed a prospective application in August, and Nakanoshima Toastmasters Club held a demonstration meeting at Kansai Electric Power in Osaka.

In addition, we started activities at a group that strengthens the network and exchanges information with existing corporate clubs. If you are interested in a company club, please join us.

Charter activities are here.

Small room for corporate club charter

C. Information exchange in establishing clubs

We are exchanging information in establishing new clubs in this Facebook group. Please feel free to join in case of having interests in establishing clubs.

In addition, please feel free to contact us for consultations in starting up. Upon launching the club, we will send you a small club banner and 200 tri-fold flyers.

To: CGD Matsuda

D. Support for ZOOM activities

The usage of ZOOM online conferences is progressing. It is used at club officer meetings, and used to promote remote participation in regular meetings. Please use Facebook group page Furusato ZOOM_D76 for examples and methods of hybrid regular meetings that combines online meetings and regular meetings by ZOOM.

Furusato ZOOM_D76

E. Smedley Award

If you get 5 new / renewal / dual members during the period from August 1st to September 30th, you will receive the “Smedley Award” named after Dr. Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters International.
The Two clubs have already been achieved.

  • Kagurazaka Toastmasters Club Division B Area 26
  • Ichikawa Smile Toastmasters Club Division D Area 44

F. New Club Coaches

Three new club coaches have been appointed. They will support the clubs to increase the members and guide them to achieve the Education Award.

  • TM Kiyomi Nozawa for Kannai Toastmasters Club (Division E)
  • Kiyoko Murata, DTM for Oita Toastmasters Club (Division H)
  • TM Taishi Oda for BNI Musashino Toastmasters Club (Division B)

And, club coach program change continues this term. If a club coach can achieve 5 club member gain and DCP 5 by the end of June, 2020, as a club coach and earn the certification of Successful Club Coach, she/he can earn ALS without serving a term as District Officer, above Area Director role. This is a great opportunity in achieving DTM certification, hoping toastmasters who are aiming for DTM or who cannot serve as District Officer due to their conditions can consider this change as their option. If you want to serve as a club coach, please reach CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

G. Radio program start!

In September, a radio program using community FM will start. The first station is FM Okazaki in Aichi prefecture. The program support Okazaki Toastmasters Club and Toyota Friendship Toastmasters Club.

The program name is “Hello! Toastmasters”.

It will be broadcasted every month on the second and fourth Sundays at 12: 30-12: 45 for three months from September 8. You can listen to the program not only on FM radio 76.3MHz but also on Listen Radio.

H. Digital Marketing Program

In October, digital marketing promotion will start. We are currently preparing and renewing the landing page and the club introduction page. You will be informed soon

2019 International Convention report

This summer, I participated the International Convention hosted by Toastmasters International with Program Quality Director Yusuke Ohashi, DTM in a city called Aurora, near Denver, Colorado, leaving Japan on August 17th and returning on 26th.

I participated in District Leaders Training from August 19th to 20th. District Directors, Program Quality Directors, and Club Growth Directors gathered from respective districts to exchange information on respective district issues and initiatives, and to discuss better district management. District leaders from all over the world were experienced, thoughtful leaders and I could learn from them in many aspects. In addition, we often gathered with Region 14 directors, where District 76 belongs, and we deepened mutual understanding with leaders from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Korea. I would like to make use of lessons learned for the future operation of District 76.

On August 21, I participated in the international headquarters office tour in the morning. I joined with TM Okamura from Narita Toastmasters Club and the representatives from respective departments explained their roles and responsibilities. The transfer project from California to Colorado was conducted gradually over nearly three years, and as a result of consideration to employees, 60 people moved with satisfaction and nearly 100 new people were hired and trained by now. The representatives from each department who explained their roles were all highly dedicated to Toastmasters with full of service spirit and full of commitment. At the same time, they were enjoying work-life balance. I was impressed that they embraced their job and regarded them as the opportunities for self-development.

In that evening, the opening ceremony was held, and we met with many participants from Japan. Teruko Nakao, DTM from Osaka, TM Ken Nakagawa from Takarazuka, TM Bob Ishida from Gunma, and TM Tomoko Okagaki and her son, Rei Okagaki, from the United States at the venue. At the ceremony, PQD Ohashi marched by holding the flag of Japan.

On August 22nd, the semi-final of the World Championship of Public Speaking was held. Unlike previous semi-finals, the 14 speakers from respective regions who passed the video reviews were divided into two groups of seven speakers and the top three speakers went to the final without having their ranks. From our region 14, the famous speaker, Kwon Yue Yang, delivered an awesome speech. The top three speakers were extremely competitive. I met TM Reiko Masui, 2016 district champion, at the venue.

At night, Hall of Fame was held, and District 76 was recognized with the highest membership retention rate in the world. Thanks to every one of you. Congratulations!

On August 23, the annual business conference was held with board member election. To date, we had interviewed 14 candidates, all of whom were very influential, full of experience, insight and vision. It was a special opportunity for me to ask questions and listen to the top level leaders. And the speeches on the stage were also inspiring. The election was conducted smoothly, the agenda was passed, and it ended with grand applauses.

On the last day, August 24th, the last Region 14 meeting was held in the morning. All leaders introduced their districts respectively and deepened our mutual understanding. Especially, among the leaders from District 88, Northeast China, there was a member who arrived in Denver just two and a half hours before due to the delays of visa process and flight schedule. He almost gave up coming at multiple times, but he reached on the final day with his passion towards participation and he gave a touching speech.

In the afternoon, the final of the World Championship of Public Speaking was held lastly. Six contestants who won the semi-final were contested. From region 14, Kwon Yue Yang competed as the first speaker. The speech titled “Less and More” was touching and it was a speech with a big message to help people rather than judge them visually. But this year’s champion was Aaron Beverly. The speech called “An Unbelievable Story” attracted the audience with impact and laughter. All speeches were fantastic. After seeing a great contest, this year’s tour was over.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in the international convention and I learned a lot. Next year, the international convention will be held in Paris from August 5th to 8th.


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