The D76 News Letter  vol.2



News From Program Quality Director

The transition period of Pathways will end in a year. Thanks to last year Pathways Trios, we have intimate knowledge of the basic components and the fundamentals of Pathways. We know what it is all about. Next step is Crafting Pathways Unique Value; by identifying exactly the essence (how members can experience Pathways more effectively, how business and personal objectives can be accomplished by its solution and experience)

―Make sure what real benefits and values members can gain
―Make sure how we can make it possible by toastmaster experience
―Make sure how we can re-engineer and navigate more effectively through the process and leverage the learning experience

For maximizing Program Quality, I would like you to join our projects.
Below you will find the explanation of project, entry form. If you get interested and
have passion, please entry now.

1) Polaris: Crafting Pathways Unique Value by identifying exactly the essence. Role model analysis (in the perspective of 11paths, 11angles), mapping out learning journey, Packaging Best Practices.
2) The Edge: Crafting Better Communicator knowledge value. Role model analysis (including champion speech), mapping out learning journey in the aspect of Inform/Persuade/Inspire
3) Light-up: Organizing District Event, demonstrating outputs of Polaris and The Edge ※Approval for Event Budget will be taken in DCM#1
4) Unicorn: Revitalizing Division J(Chu-bu), by program quality events and strategy discussion

Project Entry

News From Club Growth Director

A. Introduction of New Charter Club

Two clubs have been newly chartered in June, 2019.

CHIZAI Toastmasters Club (7323653) Division C Area 35         2019/6/1

An English club established among the members who are in charge of Intellectual Property issues. Holding meetings at AIPPI Japn at Toranomon, Tokyo. Started as Restricted.

Ryudai Toastmasters Club (7178244) Division H Area 83         2019/6/30

From Okinawa-Ryukyu to the world. Opening a new era by speeches. Students and adults are working hard together in chanpuru!


Please let me join in welcoming our new friends!

B. Growing Corporate Clubs

We started growing actions pursuing to 220 clubs this year. Especially, a couple of volunteers have been taking actions to introduce corporate club activity to some candidate corporations who may have needs in Toastmasters. So far, we have reached more than 30 corporations. We will continue to exercise this activity and please let me know if you know any companies interested in Toastmasters or if you want to work with us together. To Club Growth Director,

Also, volunteers are gathering here, sorry in Japanese.

C. Information exchange in establishing clubs

We are exchanging information in establishing new clubs in this Facebook group. Please feel free to join in case of having interests in establishing clubs.

And please feel free to contact CGD Yukimasa Matsuda in consulting specific cases of club establishment. You can receive a small banner and 200 PR fliers in starting a club.

D. Support for ZOOM activities

We accelerate ZOOM online meeting activities this term.

District offers 10 accounts of Business Account, which is one level higher than the previous term, and share among us. Will inform you later the process of account sharing.


Additionally, we will share free account which allows 40 minute online meeting with all Club presidents and VPEs. It will be much appreciated if you can try various ZOOM activities in your clubs.

For example,

  • Delivering Pathways personal lectures for new comers by VPE or Pathways Champion (or someone at that level)
  • Increasing club-made lecture contents by recordings
  • Enriching communication among club members
  • Enabling prepared speaker attendance by recording in case of absence
  • Practicing speeches by recording
  • Creating PR contents such as club experience and club information by recording. Recorded videos can be attached in website or registered in YouTube for promotion.


Wishing you could enjoy ZOOM experiences.

E. Folded Flyer

The first 40 clubs can get free 100 blue folded fliers, which are distributed in COTs, in case you need. Please feel free to request from this application form. Any club can request.

Folded flyer application form

F. Club Coach Program Change continues

Club coach program change continues this term. If a club coach can achieve 5 club member gain and DCP 5 by the end of June, 2020, as a club coach and earn the certification of Successful Club Coach, she/he can earn ALS without serving a term as District Officer, above Area Director role. This is a great opportunity in achieving DTM certification, hoping toastmasters who are aiming for DTM or who cannot serve as District Officer due to their conditions can consider this change as their option. If you want to serve as a club coach, please reach CGD Yukimasa Matsuda.

Club Coach Program Changes – Successful club coaches traditionally receive credit toward the ALS or DTM award for their service as a coach. In addition, the ALS award also requires one year of service as a district officer. But starting now, successful club coaches will also be credited with service as a district officer. This means successful club coaches will complete two of the ALS/DTM requirements rather than one. Club coaches will still have two years to help clubs become distinguished—all of this year and through the 2019–2020 program year. You may have members in your district who doubted their ability to achieve the traditional DTM award by June 30, 2020—this revised club coach program facilitates this.

COT#1 has done half of them

Have you already participated? Let’s join everyone in the district where COT will be held.
Club officer training are scheduled. Please check it.

Club Officer Training

For those who haven’t registered attendance, please answer the registration form link in the above page.

The COT #1 of Division H has been rescheduled.

The COT #1 of Division H has been rescheduled to August 31 (Sat.).
This time we will hold the COT#1 in Kumamoto and also in Okinawa simultaneously so that the participants in Okinawa can attend the COT#1 on-line.

Event:Division H COT#1


District Council Meeting #1 August 11, 2019

District 76 will hold the first District Council Meeting (DCM#1) as follows:
Presidents & VPEs are to attend the meeting. This is a must basically, and proxies are not allowed in virtual meeting.
We will discuss our budget in this fiscal year, Appointed Committee, etc.
The budget will be also sent before the meeting.

Date/Time: Aug 11, 2019 (Sun),
7:30 AM Online Venue Setup, 8:00 AM-10:25 AM
Venue:  Online(Using Zoom)

Please let me know your attendance on that day in this request form by August 3(Sat.).

Attendance Confirmation for DCM#1

Please make sure that either your club President or VPE will fill the form and reply.
You need to register separately.