2019 New Year Greetings from District Director

2019 New Year Greetings from District Director

Dear Members of District 76

Happy New Year.
On behalf of the senior executive committee, I would like to say the New Year’s greetings.

How was the year for you in 2018? Was it the year that many opportunities for new experiences and there were many chance to meet many people? I hope the Toastmasters journey is always a new experience, new learning to us.
I think that in 2019, we would like to continue our journey of life full of skills, and Toastmasters journey, seeking more new experiences, new encounters.

When I start 2019, I have important questions for myself. It is a question of “What kind of myself am I?” People are said to be unconsciously trying to keep the self image of “such a person” in their own words and actions, keeping the person image that they imagined. I think if you might have such experience.
It may also apply to Toastmasters statue. On the site of the International Headquarters there is a page called “Who We Are.” And it is written what kind of organization the International Headquarters is as follows. “This is the world leader in the development of communication and leadership.” In 2018, from this word, TM Aoyama of Public Relations Manager defines “Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development.” Then we have done penetration of the brand by have consistently introduced it in many press releases as follows. (Partial introduction below)

By penetrating these consistent messages in Japan, Toastmasters’ brand recognition increases. If the brand recognition increases, we believe that we can increase the opportunity to encourage more people to experience the Toastmasters program through District, through the club’s website or through word of mouth.

We are all experienced “learning the way to speak, leadership” this brand promises.
And in 2019, we continued our more fulfilling journey of life with Toastmasters’ journey, seeking more new experiences, new encounters and the skills I gained, and accumulate experience of this brand I think so.

And I think that it is the most important thing to enrich meetings every time to accumulate experience of this brand. I would like to focus on activities to review the basics so that well-prepared speech, effective commentary, and other roles will contribute to the management of regular meetings with the intention of improving skills.

We continue to do activities that support your wonderful Toastmasters trip this year.

Warmest regards,

Katashi Ishihara
District Director