2018 New Year’s Greetings from District Director Kitamura

 2018 New Year’s Greetings from District Director Kitamura

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Happy Dog Year !!
I always think that Dogs have excellent Communication and Leadership skills.

We sometimes talk to a dog without thinking, don’t we? Although he/she never answers with our human language, he/she seems to understand and respond to our conversations.

My dog who was in my parents’ home when I was teenager had a strong sense of justice. Whenever my elder brothers started fights, he entered between them which looked as if he was saying “Stop the fight!” Even though he cannot say anything, I think he listened to their voices, judged the situation and then took action.

Now, fellow Toastmasters, do you remember Project 1 of Competent Leadership (CL) Manual?


The year of 2018 is the first year of Pathways rollout for District 76. Many of you cannot wait until this new education program to be starting in April. Not only this, don’t you feel that you spend more time on expressing yourself or speaking in the regular meetings.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to recall the CL manual Project 1,linking to dogs in the year of the Dog. Of course, in the program of Pathways, at Level 1, we are going to have a project “Evaluation and Feedback” which is very linked with our Listening skills. Why don’t we develop our “Listening” skills as like Dogs?

Now, here is New Year’s present from Darren Tay, DTM, 2016 World champion for Public speaking. Please Enjoy!!

Video Director and Editor/ TM Ayako Morimoto (Cosmos TMC)