District 76 Newsletter August 2017

  • Massage from Program Quality Director
  • Reminder about club due
  • Recruit Pathways Guide
  • Announcements of upcoming online-seminars
  • Announcements of recorded online-seminars

Massage from Program Quality Director

We hold the last club officers training in Okinawa this weekend. As a new attempt of this year, we have a focus on “First-timers” (club officers elected for the first time) in the club officers training. In Resources sessions, we introduced various information on the Web.. We also held program briefing sessions for lecturers and set up opportunities to help the lecturers understand the contents of each session. In addition, we set up a session to explain the overall picture of Pathways, and we informed you of the introductory procedure of District 76. This Pathways session will be announced again at the online seminar on September 10th.

This year we have scheduled online seminars at 7 am on the 2nd and 4 th Sunday. The only seminar provided by the trainer TM Matthew Ownby this week was very popular and as many as 140 people participated. At fast, the limit contract of the district was up to 100, we reconsidered the contract quickly and expanded it up to 500. Online seminars are free programs provided by the District. If you have computer or smartphone, you can watch or view and even ask questions from anywhere. Also, each seminar is recorded and uploaded to District 76’s site usually within one week.

From now on I will take not only major themes but also minor themes to respond to various needs and convey information to many people. We are waiting for many members participating in seminars.

Reminder about club dues

This announcement is are reminder about club dues that can be transferred to Toastmasters International.  Toastmasters International sent e-mail announcement about club due renewals (Title: Renewals are now available!) as of August 14th. Please refer to the e-mail for details.

Club dues are required to be paid by October 1st. We expect problems connecting to the site due to congested network when deadline is approaching. We advise club officers to submit dues early.

Recruit Pathways Guide

In order to support the clubs to launch Pathways, we will recruit volunteers called Pathways Guides. Please refer to the Job Description and the Criteria. Please apply from the Application Form if you like.

Announcements of upcoming online-seminars

September 10th (Sun) 7:00am –8:00am
Title : “PATHWAYS” (Japanese Session)
Panelists: Katashi Ishihara, Bunzo Suzuki (Chief Ambassador)
Registration Here

Announcements of recorded online-seminars
  1. August 20th (Sun) 7:00am –8:00am   Workshop Trainer : Matthew Ownby, DTM
    Title:“Zero to Hero: Getting the Knack of Tall Tales”(English Session)

2.  August 27th (Sun) 7:00am –8:00am    Workshop Trainer : Rikako In
Title:“初めてのコンテストチェア”(Japanese Session)

Upcoming Events

  1. Division B Speech Contest

    April 25th
  2. DEC#5

    May 2nd1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  3. DCM#2

    May 16th1:00 PM~5:00 PM
  4. District-level Speech Contest (Japanese)

    May 22nd1:00 PM~4:00 PM
  5. District-level International Speech Contest (English)

    May 23rd1:00 PM~4:00 PM