Election and Nomination (Past years)

Nominated Candidates for 2018-2019 District Elections

March 13, 2018
2017-2018 District Leadership Committee Chair
Sumiko Futana, DTM

The 2017-2018 District Leadership Committee has nominated the following District officer candidates for the 2018-2019.

Election and election campaign will be ruled by following document.
Election committee will support these activities.


NOTIFICATION: Any members who meet the requirements for the office can run for from the floor.
If you want to do so, please contact the Election Committee Chair Tatsuya Kaji. (jgsyg926@ybb.ne.jp)

Appointed District Election Committee members

February 22, 2018
District Director
Kyoko Kitamura

I, District Director, appointed District Election Committee members as follows.
They will contribute to make a fair election.
I will appreciate their service.

Call for Division I Director / ディビジョン I ディレクター募集

2018年 2月12日
2017-2018 District Leadership Committee Chair
2017-2018 リーダーシップコミティ委員長
Sumiko Futana, DTM /二名澄子 DTM

CGD & Chair of the District Alignment Committee Eri Teshima announced the first draft of the 2018-2019 club alignment including a newly proposed Division I.
This Division I will become official after it is approved at the District Council Meeting to be held on May 12. We need to be prepared in advance for such an approval. Accordingly, we will call for Division I Director candidates.
クラブ担当ディレクターおよびクラブ編成委員会委員長の豊嶋 依里さんより新ディビジョンIを加えたクラブ編成 2018-2019 -第一案が発表されました。
このディビジョンは5月12日に開 催されるディストリクト評議会に於いて承認後正式なものとなりま す。この承認に備えて事前に準備をする必要があります。
よって新 ディビジョンIのディレクターを募集いたします。

次のフォームにディビジョン I ディレクターの自薦、他薦をご記入ください。


Please use the above form to nominate yourself or others for Division I Director.

Application period: Feb. 12(Mon) ~ March 11(Sun)

Here’s the explanation of Toastmasters International about this issue.

The candidate for this possible new division should be notified that there is a possibility that the district council may not approve the new alignment. If that were to be the case, it may result in the candidate needing to run from the floor for a different division. If the district council approves the new alignment then all will be well and good for the candidate to possibly be elected to this new position.

I hope this is helpful and has answered your questions fully. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!
Rex Humphrey
District Leader Service and Support Representative
Toastmasters International

この新たに予定されるディビジョンのための立候補者には、ディス トリクト評議会が新アライメント案を承認しない可能性もあること を伝えておく必要があります。もしそのような事態が起きれば、そ の立候補者は、フロアーより他のディビジョンのために立候補せざ るを得ない場合もある一方、もしディストリクト評議会が新アライ メント案を承認した場合には、予定通りすすみ、この新たな役職に 選ばれるかも知れません。

尚、発表されたクラブ編成案により既立候補者がディビジョンの変 更を希望する場合は2月12日より2月20日までの期間に限定し 変更を受け付けます。
D76 Leadership Committeeへメールでご連絡ください。



If the candidates who have already applied want to change the division they will run for, they can move to another division only during the period starting on Monday, February 12 and ending on Tuesday, February 20.
Please inform D76 Leadership Committee of your intent to change the division you want to represent by mail addressed to


Changing Application Period: Feb.12(Mon)~Feb.20(Tues)

Call for the next District 76 Officer Nominations

November 15,2017
Sumiko Futana, DTM
District Leadership Committee Chair 2017-2018

We, District 76 Leadership Committee, call for District Officer Nominations for the next term 2018-2019. Please refer to the following questions and answers for the detail. If you have further questions, you are welcome to send email tod76leadership@gmail.com.

Q) What are objectives of the committee?
A) Objectives are to find capable candidates for elected leadership positions of the next term, and to nominate them for the election at DCM#2 of 2018 Spring Conference. The elected positions are District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Division Directors. For the detail, also please refer following URL.

Q) Who are members of the committee?
A) The members are as follows. I really appreciate their dedicated contribution for the district.

Q) Who can run for the positions? And what are the roles and responsibilities?
A) For the district leader’s qualifications, roles and responsibilities, please refer to the following URL.

Q) I’m interested in the positions but I don’t know what I am supposed to do. Please advise how I could know?
A) The best way to know the actual activities is to ask current or past leaders about their experiences. Also you can access the committee members or send an inquiry email to d76leadership@gmail.com

Q) I’m interested in nominating myself or others. So what should I do?
A) Please access following URL and fill out a form.

In case the form does not work well, please feel free to send an email to d76leadership@gmail.com .

Q) When is a deadline of the application and how does the process proceed?
A) The deadline is the January 31, 2018. The committee will process as follows.
– Review eligibility and ask candidates to fill out forms.
– Interview candidates on line.
– Vote to decide nominated candidates.
– on 31st March. 2018, to submit a report to District Director and District Director publishes the Report to District Council Members.
– in May 2018, election will be held at DCM#2 of 2018 Spring Conference.

Q) What should I do if I miss the deadline and still want to run for the positions?
A) The deadline is for Nominated Candidates. There is another type of candidates so called Floor Candidates. You can run for the positions as a Floor Candidate until the day of the election. However, we recommend you to try to be a Nominated Candidate because it may add some credibility on you.

Q) Is there more detail information available?
A) Yes, there is. Please refer following URLs for more detail.

– About District Leadership Committee

– District Nominations Schedule
– District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities
– Nomination Form
– Officer Agreement And Release Form
– Candidate Application
– Candidate Evaluation Form
By serving these roles, I strongly believe you will gain a lot. We are looking forward to having many applications.

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