< Latest News > Pathways District 76 Rollout is now scheduled during April, 2018, and not during March, 2018, as has been anticipated.

Pathways Information

Data 1: All Path Description

Pways Data 1 Pathways Core-Competencies Pways Data 1 Pathways Core-Competencies(1.4MB)

Data 2: All Project Description

Pways Data 2 Project-List Pways Data 2 Project-List(1.7MB)

Data 3: All Competency List

Pways Data 3 Competencies by Level Pways Data 3 Competencies by Level(1.6MB)

A presentation in the 2017 Club Officers Training #1 has been uploaded



The PPT presentation used in the November 12 Webinar has been uploaded


FAQ (Translated FAQ provided by TMI)

 FAQ よくある質問 FAQ よくある質問(502.7KB)


Pathways Overview provided by Toastmasters International

国際本部製作のPathways情報 英語のみ

Learn about Toastmasters International’s new education program, the Pathways learning experience.

Recorded Online Seminars by District 76


Upcoming Events

  1. Division G Contest

    April 1st
  2. Division B Contest

    April 7th
  3. Division D Contest

    April 14th
  4. Division C Contest

    April 15th
  5. Division E Contest

    April 15th
  6. Division F Contest

    April 15th
  7. Division H Contest

    April 15th
  8. Division A Contest

    April 21st
  9. District Spring Conference

    May 11th~May 13th