Regarding this new District 76 Homepage migration, the committee members shown below voluntarily did a huge amount of work, such as attending meetings every weekend from August 2017 and copying more than 500 web pages. Their contributions enabled us to launch it on the planned date. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Since (1)Smartphone Support and (2)Club Search functions have been added, please try to use them.

Mike Mukaida
2017-2018 D76 Webmaster

Upcoming Events

  1. Division F COT#1

    June 3rd
  2. Division A COT#1

    June 10th
  3. Division B COT#1

    June 10th
  4. Division G COT#1

    June 10th
  5. Division H COT#1

    June 10th
  6. Division C COT#1

    June 16th
  7. Division D COT#1

    June 17th
  8. Division I COT#1

    June 17th
  9. Division E COT#1

    June 24th