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    Posts from clubs (Before 2017)

    Posts from clubs (Before 2017)Japan-Taiwan Joint MTG JUSCPA Metropolitan TMC We had a joint meeting between JUSCPA T…

    • Posts from clubs

    Charter of Amazon Japan Toastmasters C…

    On June 27th, Amazon Japan Toastmasters club[#6635378, Area 92] Charter Ceremony was held!

    • PublicityPosts from clubs

    Stories of Toastmasters activities are…

    On the September issue of INTOUCH, Tokyo American Club's monthly member magazine, two Toastmasters from TAC Toastmast…

    • Posts from clubs

    Saijo Sake Toastmasters Club welcomed …

    We held a special event English RAKUGO Night! We, with many guests, enjoyed TM Kimochi(喜餅)'s RAKUGO and talk. We we…

    • PublicityPosts from clubs

    Sunrise Toastmasters Club releases a p…

    Sunrise Toastmasters Club has released a promotion video, which looks professional yet exciting.Please have a look at…

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    Kofu Toastmasters Club 1st demo meetin…

    On Saturday, October 13th, we held the very first demo meeting at Hotel Crown Palais Kofu! Many Toastmasters gathered…

    • Posts from clubs

    Overnight joint meeting organized by A…

    This autumn an overnight joint meeting was held organized by Ageo Toastmasters Club.

    • Posts from clubs

    Five English and bilingual Clubs in Sh…

    Area 72 of District 76, consisting of five English and bilingual Clubs in the Shikoku area, held a joint meeting in T…

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