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Come see us in action ? Visit a local Toastmasters club!

Each group has a different personality – you may wish to visit more than one.
Use the Find a Club tool to find meetings near you.
Visit the club website or e-mail in advance (if possible) to confirm meeting time and location.

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Became a member

Ready for the next step?

  • After you attend a meeting, you can apply for membership (minimum age 18.)
  • At the meeting, ask for a membership application.
  • Membership is affordable:
    ● About 4,000 yen, new member fee
    ● About 1,500 yen per month, collect dues every six months
    * Payment to club depends on individual club.  Please ask the club you want to join.
  • The club officer will send your application and fees to Toastmasters’ World Headquarters.
  • Your New Member Kit should arrive in the mail in about 10 days.

No clubs nearby? Launch your own!


Upcoming Events

  1. Division C COT1

    July 21st12:00 PM~5:00 PM
  2. Division F COT1

    July 21st12:00 PM~5:00 PM
  3. DEC 2 online

    July 28th1:05 PM~4:50 PM
  4. Division A COT1 in URAWA

    August 3rd11:40 AM~5:00 PM
  5. Division I COT1

    August 4th12:00 PM~5:00 PM
  6. Division B COT1

    August 18th8:00 AM~5:00 PM
  7. Division A COT1 in Sendai

    August 24th12:00 PM~5:00 PM
  8. Division H COT1

    August 31st12:20 PM~5:00 PM
  9. 2020 Annual Conference

    Apr 24th, 2020~Apr 26th, 2020